Eight Is Enough

How sad for Pluto — tossed out of the Solar System.


Though perhaps its easier to delete ONE planetoid out of the textbooks rather than add several to dozens more.


Ironic, given the Disney tie-in that happened for it later, that Pluto is now classified as a "dwarf" planet.


As for me, I'm sort of fond of Pluto… it's got the best satellite name — Charon (these things always make me think of the B-52s song, "There's a Moon Up In The Sky, It's Called The Moon)", and its got that way out of plane orbit.

And perhaps more importantly, WHAT am I going to do with my wire-and-styrofoam-ball Solar System model from the 4th grade?!?!?  (Not that I still have it or anything…)

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3 thoughts on “Eight Is Enough

  1. I heard about Pluto's reclassification in Reykjavik (not just from steve's blog!) – so this IS world news. I predict "Pluto's a Planet" Tshirts for sale at your usual nerd shops like thinkgeek.com…coming soon.

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