QotD: Best. Villain. Ever.

Okay — this may seem a little obvious to someone of my generation — but the defining film villian HAS to be Darth Vader, right?  And I mean Star Wars & Empire Vader, not RotJ and GOD FORBID the more recent films' incarnation.

Sauron from LotR was too disembodied to have enough sense of presence.

Hannibal Lecter perhaps runs a reasonable second.

I will also give props to Alan Rickman's portrayal of Severus Snape in the Potter films.  I guess we'll have to see whether Book-7 gives him any redemption or not.

What about the "Alien" from "Alien" and "Aliens"?  They were tough, smart and deadly — though I'm not sure they were evil.   But don't count the third movie because it was so wretched  — though I'm sort of surprised to say that AVP was kinda good campy fun.

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