Great Way to End the Day

Hey there!

One of the great thing about living in the 9s is being able to get out and enjoy the beach nearly every day if you have the time and the inclination.  So, after a moderately stressful day at the job, I decided to hit the sand for a run at Torrey Pines State Beach and head up to Del Mar.

It was a great evening, full of golden California sunshine, the run started with A3's "Woke Up This Morning" — theme song to "The Sopranos".  I have to say there's not too much that can help get this Garden Stater going better than that — and it ended with Phantom Planet's "California" — which you might recognize as the theme song to "The OC".  And yes, I have more than TV themesongs on my mp3 player!

Along the way, there are families at play, surfers and always a flock or two of pelicans.  The tide was pretty high, but I kept the shoes dry, and was able to be rid of the day's issues… now that I think of it, what issues?

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One thought on “Great Way to End the Day

  1. Out here in the 8's we're having the greenest monsoon season in years (a century?) and it's just beautiful to southwestern eyes calibrated on brown. I'll defend the 8's even in the face of ocean pictures!!!!!

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