Something To Cheer About

Honestly, I don't really care about soccer.  I've tried.  In the end, it's meh.  I know, I'm a bad world citizen…

That said, I was uplifted about a story out of the soccer world.  Last week, I read a news report that the FC Barcelona soccer club (the team that Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho plays for) made an agreement

with UNICEF to DONATE ~ $1.9 million to help children with AIDS in developing countries.  They will wear a special logo on their jerseys — the first time since the club's inception that anything other than the team emblem will appear.

In this age of corporate sponsorship in America, where it seems that everything from stadiums, golf tournaments, half-time shows, two-minute warnings, and seventh inning stretches are all up for sale to the highest bidder, it is fantastic to see a successful team turn the tables and GIVE back rather than rake in more cash.

I have been vehemently against the sale of space on NFL and MLB jerseys — but I'd cheer for any team in America (maybe even the Cowboys…<shudder>) if they led the way in this sort of sponsorship.  Wouldn't THAT be a wonderful competition — teams trying to one-up one another to give to the needy??

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