Another Second Half Reversal

This was a lot easier to watch than the previous "second half reversal" that Eagles fans were forced to endure in Week 2 versus the Giants (that would be the game of which we do not speak…).

Strange 1st half.  I think the Eagles thought the Pack would roll over like everyone had predicted and were somewhat surprised to find a motivated team that could actually move the ball somewhat effectively.  GB had Favre do a lot of short passes, which worked pretty well for them for a while.

  You never got the sense that this team was a real threat per se' — but the Eagles were doing enough dropping of the ball on at the goal line that you began the "freak" play that would put the Packers up more than a score and have them start believing in themselves.  The fake FG with 0:01 remaining was — err — befuddling to say the least.

2nd half.  Ahhh….that's better.  The opening drive was ugly ugly ugly, but Donovan got a little of that "Ok, I will do this all by myself if I have to" thing going and naturally everyone began to feed off of it.  The drive ended in a FG, but you had a sense that the ship was righted — especially after GB missed their FG chance, and McNabb came back to hit Greg Lewis for a TD. 

There was no subsequent letdown — the offense continued to get first downs and pretty much score at will, and the defense kept the GB offense in check.  I'd sort of wished they'd gotten to the quarterback a little more — that will key next week versus Bledsoe and Dallas.

Hopefully, none of the wide-out injuries will be too serious and Westbrook's knee will be back to playing shape this week.

Kornheiser had the best line of the night… "This isn't a charitble city…"
Amen, Tony.  Amen.

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