Day of Big Plays

While trying to remain calm during yesterday's Eagles-Cowboys roller-coaster game , I tried to figure out if a certain attention grabbing wide receiver had caught more passes or had more INTs caught in front of him because he didn't notice (or didn't bother) coming back to the ball.  Too bad for him. 

Fun game.  Glad there were no serious injuries.

The game seemed to hinge on the Eagles ability to make big plays — both on offense and on defense.  On offense the team seemed like it either had a bomb for a 50 yards or more, or 3-and-out.  On defense it was seeing whether Dallas could methodically move the ball downfield before the defense would make a big play.  Jim Johnson needs to be commended, he exposed the soft underbelly that is Drew Bledsoe.  The rap on him is that he doesn't play well under pressure — and that came through in spades yesterday.  I actually think the Cowboys are a pretty solid team, but I'm not sure how far they can get with him at the helm.  Too bad for them.

On to New Orleans!  (For a tougher game than it looked like when the schedule came out…)

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4 thoughts on “Day of Big Plays

  1. Rush Bledsoe up the middle and he is toast. On the flip side watching TO get frustrated was such a wonderful thing :). It will be even sweeter if McNabb wins the MVP this year.

  2. As a Pats fan, yeah, I can tell you… Bledsoe does not handle pressure. The guy just hangs there, it kills you. Thank goodness for Brady. Btw, did you know T.O. is writing a children's book? Sadly, I am not joking.

  3. The Pats just keep seeming to get it done, despite injuries and
    personnel changes. A lot of pundits keeps saying someone else is
    going to win the AFC East, but I really don't see it….And I'm pretty
    sure T.O. writing a children's book is one of the signs of the

  4. Hey, I feel for ya, but even more so I am just mad that Dallas lost. I stuck my head out when I picked them over Philly and this is how they repay me? Now I know everyone is saying this but, they really need to put Romo in. If Dallas waits any longer then it will be a wasted season. Sweet blog!

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