Little Earthquakes

This image from the USGS really depresses me. 

Living in Southern California, but not in "Big One" prone Los Angeles or San Francisco, I like to check out their website of current earthquake activity, because I am — well — sort of a closet geology-phile.

This image of a magnitude 4.2 earthquake in North Korea is actually their underground nuclear test which they reported to have detonated today.

Now I'm not sure the United States ought to be the world's policeman, or whether because we were first to The Bomb, we get dibs on saying who else gets to have one… but having a wild-card like that regime having a nuclear option on South Korea, Japan or China seems like it ought to be unacceptable. 

Think this administration has a chance of building a coalition of interested parties to nip this one in the bud?  Glad we have that surplus of international good will.

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