Only Happy When It Rains…

San Diego got its first rain in six or seven months this weekend.  Mostly midday Friday through Saturday morning.  I was awakened on Friday night (I guess early Saturday morning) by the sound pouring rain on the roof tiles — its a great sound.  I also got the simple pleasure of sitting out on the balcony (its covered) in the morning and watching rain come down while having a cup of coffee.  The rain was kind enough to move out for the Miramar Air Show, which was happening just down the road.

Apparently, the airport got 0.75", which is pretty good — especially this early in the season.  Last season was a terrible year for water here — I think the final total for 7/01/05 through 6/30/06 was about 6 inches.  That's dry, even for here.

.erin. made a great comment last week about how the fall is always a little bit of a let-down here in Southern California.  Don't get me wrong — the weather is fantastic (in fact the Fall, not the Summer is THE best time to visit Southern California), but at times you do miss the crisp air, falling leaves, bright colors that you see in other areas of the country.  The beginning of the "rainy season", such as it is, is really all we have to offer at this time of year.

I decided to see what songs I had in my library that contained the word "rain" in the title.  I was actually surprised at how many there were (and they make a pretty interesting playlist…):

Only Happy When It Rains — Garbage
Walking in the Rain — Flash and the Pan
Fool in the Rain — Led Zeppelin
The Rain — Carlene Carter
The Rain is Falling — ELO
Rainsong — George Winston
Rain City — Turin Brakes
Somewhere Over the Rainbow — Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Rainy Night in Georgia — Shelby Lynn
Heavy Clouds (No Rain) — Sting

Don't worry though — sunny and warm all this coming week…

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2 thoughts on “Only Happy When It Rains…

  1. I don't think you could pay me enough to make that trade — though this week I might choose to be in FLA — fire season here, and the fire in Riverside is pretty ugly. Santa Ana into the weekend, and a bunch of little fires popping up all over the county. Not really good.

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