The Big Uneasy

After mounting an impressive comeback from 14 points down to go up by seven, the Eagles couldn't keep the momentum up against a pretty good, and clearly motivated, Saints team.  Bummer.

This reminded me a lot of the Packers game, where the Birdz slumped through a first half that they were lucky not to be down more than they were — woke up in the second half and won the game.  The Saints, however, are a lot better than the Packers, taking the Eagles knock-out punch, and grinding out two good 4th quarter drives to put up the last 10 points, including the game winning FG as time expired.  Sigh.

What I Liked:

  • The frightening way the Eagles scored 21 points in what seems like five minutes.
  • The fact that the Eagles had probably their best drives of the season — long, ball-control-type, with some quality rush yards.

What I Didn't Like:

  • The muffed punt at the end of the half that spotted the Saints up 14 at intermission.  Terrible.
  • The blown coverage on the 2nd Joe Horn TD.
  • With the score tied at 24 and 3:00 minutes left, a sack of Brees (who had a great game) that would have pushed the Saints out of FG range was negated b/c of 12 men on the field.  They never got the ball back.

Ah well.  Not a terrible loss like the NYG game, but a loss to a good team of what was ultimately a winnable game.

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2 thoughts on “The Big Uneasy

  1. tough game yesterday. i would add to your things you didn't like, the lack of timeouts remaining at the end of the game. can't really recall any pressing needs for timeouts in the early part of the second half, but i can certainly remember some pressing needs at the end. i have always hated how dmac calls timeouts, and is it really a problem getting the play in on time? geesh. two losses that should have been wins. can't afford many more with the schedule coming up!loved mcnabb in gunslinger mode though, he was firing that ball. earlier this year i said reggie brown is not a #1, well, maybe he isn't a real #1, but he sure as heck played well yesterday! brown and stallworth definitely outweigh stinkston and trash!

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