New Mexico Road Trip

I was out for a 3-day weekend to visit Susan and her folks who were visiting from Virginia.  It was a great visit.  One of the best things we did was take a road trip out of Santa Fe on Friday.

Our first leg headed north up US-84 to Tierra Amarilla.  There (actually in the tiny town of Los Ojos), we stopped in at Tierra Wools, a small organization dedicated to the the hand-weaving of wool goods in traditional methods.  It was very cool.  The sheep are raised (they are the last remnant of the original Navajo breed — churro) and shorn, the yarn is produced and then dyed.  The dyes are all naturally produced from plant materials — no synthetics are used — including chamisa, indigo, and black walnuts.  The showroom had beautiful selections (mostly blankets) that were absolultely gorgeous.

The second leg headed from there eastward along US-64 to Taos.  The trip went through the Carson National Forest, which was really beautiful.  There was a little bit of snow on the side of the road in places, but our day was perfect — blue skies and crisp autumn air.  Along the way, we crossed the Rio Grande just outside of Taos.  At the crossing is a deep gorge formed by the river.  It's quite unexpected in the mostly flat plain — I can only imagine how disheartened pioneers must have been coming across it.

Finally, we tunred for home from Taos following NM-68 along the Rio Grande.  We had one surprise left, however, as a road runner was waiting for us in the front yard — just hanging out, it seemed.

He (maybe it was a she, I really don't know) hung out with us for a bit, and actually didn't seem to mind our presence much at all.

After checking out the yard — and true to his name — he got out into the street and then speeded off!

One of the unexpected benefits of the whole weekend was that I was traveling around on Sunday and so had no opportunity to watch the Eagles lose to the Bucs — a 62 yard field goal as time expires!?!?!?  You've GOT to be kidding me!

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