QotD: I Can’t Believe I Ate This

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? 
Submitted by Megan.

Hmmmm…  I'm not usually too particular when it comes to eating, and I'll try almost anything once.

I think the winner has to be a time when I didn't actually KNOW what I was eating.  I was in Tokyo on a business trip (which has its own lore) and my boss and I were in the Ginza district and decided to get sushi.  No one in the place spoke much English and the menu had no English, so we made do by pointing, nodding and smiling with the sushi chefs.  Now, I LIKE sushi — have it all the time — but there were things on this plate that I'm not exactly sure from what animal they originated.  Pretty tasty though.


So I grew up in New Jersey outside of Philadelphia, and since I've left that region, I've found out that not everyone loves scrapple.  In fact, I understand that a lot of people are grossed out by it.  I heart scrapple. (My heart may not heart scrapple, but I sure do.)

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4 thoughts on “QotD: I Can’t Believe I Ate This

  1. Once I got over the shock of your new look-and-feel – I hooted at the Scrapple photo! Wonder how many other Vox-ers posted Scrapple!? Now – WHAT was it you ate in Tokyo? Animal or Vegetable?

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