Three and out


THAT was your number one offense in the NFL?!?!  Offensive might be the right word, but getting spanked at home by the previously reeling Jacksonville Jaguars will give the Eagles plenty to consider during their bye-week.

Well, I'd been griping that I wanted the Eagles to play consistently for all four quarters rather than bad for two and good for two.  I got what I wanted.  They played bad for all four.  Great.  Actually, that's a bit unfair — If you'd have told me that they'd hold the Jags to 13 points, I'd have said — swell, chalk up a W.  We've seen this sort of strange fizzle before.  I don't get it any more now.

Each of their previous losses had come on the last play of the game, but it seemed pretty clear that they weren't really going to be having much of a shot come the fourth quarter in this one.  Now they've lost three in a row and the team that was 4-1 (and shoulda been 5-0) is a distant memory.

Can October be over now?

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2 thoughts on “Three and out

  1. as ugly and sad as i have seen the team play with #5 back there. this was awful. what is happening to our defense? they ran the ball forty some odd times and trotter gets 2 tackles on the day? awful.your right about consistent play, this was consistent stink. had they come back in the fourth quarter and won the game, i might be just as worried. this should be a huge slap in the face. 3 games in a row is inexcusable…

  2. Hey, I am rattled that they lost as well. It is a rule of thumb that you don't lose to a team who can only pass 87 yards and no TD's in a game. Like come on McNabb what were you doing back in the pocket for 20 seconds and not passing? I expect big things in week 10. After a bye week, Philly will have their stuff together and will take the 'W' against Washington, who will think they are hot coming off a big win against Dallas in week 9. So let us put the awe and dissapointment behind us and look toward a Playoff ending in 2006

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