Target: Why do you tempt me so??

So I was off early this morning to get a haircut, and I remembered I was low on soda (Diet-Rite). There is a Target in the same shopping center as the barber shop I go to, so rather than get in the car, drive the 3 minutes to the grocery store, I figured I would just stroll next door to Target and pick up a 12-pack there.

No problem  — what's a 12-pack cost?  Most people would say three or four dollars.  This 12-pack cost $53.44…

"Oh, I could use some new dress socks for work…"
"And while I'm here, I might as well pick up tennis balls…"
"Hmmm… that would make a nice stocking stuffer…"
"Hey — I like that long-sleeve t-shirt…"


On the upside, I'm happy to report that the store was NOT over-the-top decorated for Christmas yet — there were bits and pieces, but it didn't want to make me run out screaming.

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3 thoughts on “Target: Why do you tempt me so??

  1. Lol, the hazards of Target. It's so true! I think they must've spent years studying how the human brain works before strategically placing everything in the store so that no matter what you go in to get, it leads you to something else you want, which leads you to something else, on and on and on…

  2. Hah — the trees are more for an autumn-y feel — after the spooky
    end-of-October "raven" theme. In retrospect, I've decided that
    I'm actually proud of all the things I didn't buy! (How's that
    for self-delusion?) — I'd hate to cross the "don't buy anything for
    yourself that might be a Christmas present" line!

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