Wet Coast Offense

The Eagles coasted to one of the more uncomfortable 20-point wins I've ever witnessed.  As a Philly fan, maybe I'm being a bit like a beaten dog, but the expectation has started to become wondering how they're going to blow it.  I know, I know — have some faith right?

Anyway, contrary to recent behavior, they came out of the gate pretty quickly — getting up 10-0 on a great pass to Stallworth and then 17-0 on a very fortunate and heads-up play by Buckhalter.  Then the pouring rains came and really bogged this game down.

The Washington offense was pretty offensive.  Controlling the ball for most of the first half, they Deadskins could only manage two FG attempts, one of which they made.  They had one legit chance to score, but it was broken up by a terrific play by Brian Dawkins.

There was a point in the 2nd quarter where the Eagles lapsed into what I like to call the Andy Reid Waltz:

They managed to change that around in the second half, grinding out a good drive, that disappointingly ended with a chip shot FG after 3 shots from the 2 yard line (sigh).

As usual Westbrook shouldered a lot of the load — and he anchored a beautiful 9-minute drive to seal the game.  That was really good to see after a day when the offense had a couple of big plays, but few long drives.

So, 5 and 4 with what should be a gimme game against the Titans at home next week.

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