Is Chemistry Becoming “in”?

Okay — so I spend a decent part of each work day looking at, evaluating, thinking about, drawing and discussing molecules.  It's not only my job to decide what makes one "better" than another at what we'd like them to do, but I actually really enjoy it.  Science to me is all about managing uncertainty and everyday my colleagues and I make hypotheses (i.e. guesses) about why something works, or all to often doesn't work, the way you expect it to.  It's challenging, frustrating and fun all at the same time.

So from my BS in Chemistry, to my PhD in Chemistry, I've always absorbed comments like, "Oh, I hated chemistry in school!" and you try not to notice the rolled eyes when you tell someone that you're a chemist.  (I haven't actually made anything for a long time, but you still get the looks.)

Anyway, so three times in the last two days I came across non-work things that incorporated a chemistry theme in their ads or product.  The first was for an Acura maintenance program that uses elements from the periodic table to spell out their name.  Pretty cool.  The next was in a catalog that someone had at work and they offered a "periodic table" of vegetables.  Pretty clever.  The last was something else that made me proud to be an ACC alum, which was an arrangement of the sports at the University of Maryland in which each program was given a box like an element.  Nicely done!

Now, I doubt that chem-themed ads aren't going to replace spokesmodels or anything, but I was pleasantly suprised to see such a concentration of them… concentration, get it?  Oh nevermind….

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7 thoughts on “Is Chemistry Becoming “in”?

  1. Hey, I happened to thoroughly enjoy Chemistry. Except for labs, because I was always too lazy and they sometimes seemed pointless in relation to what we were learning. But the subject matter always fascinated me, and I was always interested to learn more on my own (because y'know… classroom settings/getting graded on that kinda stuff makes me nervous).
    Ain't nothin' wrong with good ol'-fashioned Nerddom. =) ~beams with pride whilst holding sheet music high!~
    Also, I would be so excited to be able to say "Oh, yeah, I'm a chemist." It's one of those professions that seems so unreal–you KNOW there are chemsists out there, but you never really meet them a lot. (You happen to be the only one I know, at least.)

  2. That was punny. (Ha! Get it?)… You might enjoy The Miracle of Science Bar & Grill, if you ever visit Cambridge, MA. Or read The Periodic Table of My Elements, from Best of Craigslist. It's great.

  3. Have you seen the Hu ads from Dow? (Hu = human element!? Same riff. I think they were first in the "madison avenue" sense although the periodic table of vegetables, peppers, dog breeds, etc. have been selling in the nerd/cooking circles for a while.

  4. i just have to be the dork who says "Yay MD." not because I went to University of Maryland. College Park is the darling child of the Univeristy System of Maryland. You've probably never heard of the school I went to, because all the other state schools are basically the bastard red-headed stepchildren. Maryland gets all teh glory and moolah. but i'm not bitter or anything. :)
    but yay maryland anyway. cuz i'm from here. and all that.

  5. oh yeah, Mt Airy. rock on. That's out towards Frederick off Rte 70. Very cool. I love Bawler. and in general Maryland. Except people here can't drive. Like, for anything. and whenever any kinda precip hits the road, they all get even worse. it's ridiculous. WORSE than LA drivers. and LA drivers are effin' crazy.
    i'm considering College Park for graduate school, if i ever get to that. i might have some natural "meh"ness towards CP, as it's huge and… well, mostly cuz it's so frakking huge, but it's a *good* school. and they have a few programs i'd be interested in.

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