Vox Hunt: Wish I Was Here

Show us a picture of you on vacation.
Submitted by ●ßoηi†a.in.Ρink●.

Susan and I are terrible at remembering to get people to take pictures
of us together when we're on vacation — its awful.  Also, I tend
to take more "landscape" shots and she takes more "people" shots. 
So, she'd probably do a better job at this than me, and so I'm left
with a solo shot.

Anyway, in 2005 we took a great vacation to Kauai.  We stayed on
the south side of the island in a little house right on the coast near
Spouting Horn.  It was fantastic
One day, we drove up to the west side of the island and decided to go
to Polihale State Park.  It's a secluded beach at the end of the
road.  Literally.  The road stops and becomes dirt.  And
then it become like hard swiss cheese. The Kauai County visitors website says this: "Old Mana Rd. then becomes a bumpy dirt road. Do not continue if you have a very low car, or if it is raining hard."

See that truck in the background?  That's not our truck.  We
coulda used that truck.  I considered stealing that truck. I
wasn't quite sure our Chevoldsmobuick rental was going to make it, but
it did.  We only got stuck in the sand a little.  We were
rewarded however with essentially our own private tropical beach —
pristine with the most amazingly rough surf I've ever seen.  It
was awesome.

I'll also share my favorite picture I think from
that vacation.  The house we stayed in had a little back yard
where you could sit and watch the waves (and honu and birds).  We
got in the habit of making mai-tais for our happy hours and evenings
(and errr- occasionally a little earlier).  More than anything, this picture captures my memories of that vacation.  Care free.  Fun. Beautiful.


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8 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Wish I Was Here

  1. I'd love to go to Kuaui. A few of the guys from work go every year to work on the military base there. They always come back with the most beautiful photos. I'm not a lay-on-the-beach type person, but I'm told it's a great place for hiking and kyaking (however it is correctly spelled).Gee, thanks, for re-opening that jealousy! Haha.

  2. I'm way too fair to be a lay-on-the-beach person — one-way
    ticket to melanoma for me. I may have spent as much on sunscreen
    on that vacation as drinks, I'm not sure. Kauai is great — very
    laid back. No high-rises, not real club-y. A lot of fun
    places to hike too — though many of them are remote, so i will
    definitely rent the 4WD next time!

  3. That place looks gorgeous! And speaking of "amazingly rough surf"–geez. I got in the Pacific Ocean one time, and I never will again, hahaha. Aside from it being freezing (in August? I was confused), it was so rough (to wimpy me, at least… I'm used to the Gulf of Mexico). I stayed in for a while, gave up, then on my retreat was toppled over again and again and again. At least having the ocean throw me at land was quicker than trying to walk through the water back. =P
    ANYWAY. That view in the picture of the mai tais is breathtaking. So romantic! It must've been a fantastic vacation.

  4. :D thanks! I think that might be my favorite of any picture
    I've taken. It's in heavy rotation as my desktop background.

    You talk about the cold water — It's really funny living in San Diego
    — in June and July you see a lot of families on vacation here… and
    they're always trying to go swimming, but the water's in the low 60s
    (and its usually dreary) — they always look so sad and confused.
    Fall is much better here than summer — and September is about the only month where the water approaches ~70.

  5. Mmm…mai tais. Sadly, this little HapaLove has not been to Hawaii yet…. and yet I call myself hapa. Sigh. Have you been to the Bali Hai? They make the *ultimate* mai tai. Be forewarned: they will put you on your a*s quickly.

  6. Hapa's more a state of mind than a state of place it seems to me… ;) You know, a crew of us took a sailing trip
    out of Shelter Island in August for my bday and we left from the marina
    right next to the Bali Hai. It looked pretty cool. Did
    someone say something about organizing an SD vox-meet-up?? You
    know the formation of Bali Hai is actually on the north side of
    Kauai. I'll put a pic of it in the photos directory. It's
    really cool, the pic doesn't do it much justice.

  7. I miss Kauai so much!!!! Rob and I loved it… and yes, we made it to Polihale beach after a long rain. Our rental almost did not make it (not our car, so what do we care) but the beach was worth the "bumpy" ride.

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