Laid up with flu-like symptoms today (which I hate), and which
has kept the mental output somewhat meager (Yeah yeah…I know, as if the mental output is
all that anyway – har dee har).  

Heading off for Thanksgiving in NM tomorrow and not so sure how much posting or
commenting will be done in the interim (maybe tomorrow if I’m still home from

Well, I started beta-testing vox back in August and the
urging of mndoci, not really knowing what to expect–thinking I’d get a bunch of
friends to join and it would be a good way to keep current with them.  As it turns out, I actually knew only two of the people
that regularly post here in-person before – everyone else has been brought into
the neighborhood because of interesting posts and common interests found tooling around on vox.  Pretty cool.

So, my vox-self (which is more-or-less me, I think – no dual
personalities, I’m afraid…) is thankful for all the fun comments, interesting
posts, and thoughtful discussions on sports, science, music, tv and life-in-general
over the last few months.  Keep ‘em

Happy Thanksgiving!

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6 thoughts on “Gracias

  1. Love the turkey… can't wait to see the one that will end up on my table… enjoy NM… MI sucks… way to cold for a couple of SoCal girls like Natalia and I…. more when we arrive at our next destination… sunny, summery South America

  2. nice turkey! and yes, i'm thankful for the interesting neighborhood i've grown since joining vox. i even made a recipe from someone down in new zeland! so, here's to the holiday season, and to new neighbors. :)

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