QotD: This Song Makes Me Festive

What song gives you the most holiday cheer?
Submitted by Roxy.

A comment back-and-forth with Rick
the other day made me think of this QotD.  I am generally a
Christmas song traditionalist.  Bing, Frank, Nat (and my family's
own favorite) Andy Williams.  I went through my Mannheim
Steamroller phase in grad school, and don't worry, it's over. 
Rock-ish Christmas songs are okay in small doses and jazzy Christmas
sort of tend to make me cringe.

So, I was surprised the other year when Susan and
I heard a version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman and We Three Kings"
in sort of a mix.  It was clearly new, and a little funky and then
Sarah McLachlan's voice joined in and I was just blown away.  It's
from the Barenaked Ladies on their CD "Barenaked for the
Holidays".  It's become one of my favorites.

Happy Holidays!

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