Green Sleeves Rejoice!

Here's a headline I would have put good money against less than a month ago.

"Eagles Control Playoff Destiny With Win Against Giants"

I'm sorry — I must now be in some strange sort
of alternative universe, but its one I kinda like.  A consistently
balanced offense lead by Jeff Garcia and Brian Westbrook, and an
opportunistic defense with Brian Dawkins leading the way upended the NYG in a back-and-forth and occasionally ugly game at the Meadowlands 36-22.

The Eagles took advantage of four Giants turnovers, including a
end-of-the-game deflection-INT-TD to get a little revenge for their
abominable loss in Week 2.  I was really pleased to see some good
ball control (something the team seemed unable to consistently do with
McNabb — have they changed the play calling that much for
Garcia?).  Perhaps more importantly, they held the Giants to under
100 yards rushing, which given recent performances seemed unlikely at

Eli Manning and the Giants continued to
confound.  At times looking completely "together" and at others
completely out of sync.  Previously 6-2 and looking like
contenders, the G-men have two games to figure out what ails
them.  I still think that when they're playing on all cylinders
this team is top-notch, but they haven't seemed capable of putting that
together very well.

It will be interesting to see how the Eagles respond to playing now as
"favorites".  I think mentally they've been playing with the
house's money since no one expected anything from them after
McNabb went down with a torn ACL last month.  Now with
"expectations" beginning to be placed on them (again), I'm very curious
to see how they'll react.

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4 thoughts on “Green Sleeves Rejoice!

  1. Yay! The Eagles helped me win this week's football pool – my first win of this long season. It's a pick 'em with confidence points, and then the Chargers sealed the deal for me. Woo hoo! (Btw – at Dia de los tamales we had football in the background, so it was kind of like the men's version of Cookie Day).

  2. I told you anything was possible. I would almost venture to say it's been a good thing in some ways, it's no longer all about the big play, like you said, we're starting to see better ball control.Christmas day should be a big game, I'd love to see the eagles beat Dallas at home. Can't say that I would have thought it was probable, but it looks like they could pick up the "W"

  3. Hapa — Wow Dia de los Tamales was like the PERFECT day!! Good job!

    Skinsleton — the weirdest thing is that I think you're right — it has
    been a good thing in a strange balancing way. I've also been
    curious that McNabb is not on the sidelines. Do you think that's
    been a management decision — to keep his presence from maybe being a

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