Black and White

In a verrry gratifying departure from the trauma that was my Piano Class mid-term, tonight I had my final.  Again it was two pieces, each which had to be memorized.

Much like the last time, I had chosen a Beethoven piece (Fur Elise) and a seasonal piece (Auld Lang Syne).  But tonight was different in a lot of ways.  The first thing is that there were only FIVE students left in the class by this point.  Last time, there were maybe 15-17 students left, and we didn't really know each other.  After the mid-term, the class really cleared out, leaving us to know each other better, become fond for one another, and cling to each other like a life raft!  So the audience was even more encouraging.

I started by playing the Beethoven, and naturally as I sat down and faced this big baby grand, the right hand starts to twitter.  Good lord, not again.  But one false start and a couple of deep breaths and I was going pretty well.  Not as well as I had in practice not 20 minutes before mind you, but whatareyougonnado?  Auld Lang Syne came out fine after that, and just like that, I was done.

So ends my first semester as a student in oh — I don't know — 18 years??  Best $50 I ever spent, I think.  Thanks to everyone that's been so encouraging of this experiment!

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10 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. No need to worry — I signed up last week for MUSIC 115B — INTRO TO PIANO II. It's on Monday night's starting the 1st week in February. So I get six weeks to toodle around and find some new pieces to play. The fun part is that two of other (four) people in my current class are taking it as well. I wonder if the attrition will be as brutal as this class was.

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