Come Monday

So, since about November, I’ve been without a digital camera.  My old one just passed away.  Gave up the ghost.  Happily, one of the many things I accomplished this weekend was to get a new one.  From my nearby BestBuy, I purchased a Canon Powershot A630.  Its got a lot of features that I’d like to try to see how good of a photographer I might be able to be.

But there will be no artsy shots today.  Inspired by Hannabanana’s capturing of a “regular” day, I present Monday, January 29, 2007…

0615  Wake up with my alarm.  That’s always good, because it likely means that I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep.  I had gone through a stretch during the summer when I kept waking early (there was more stress then), but that hasn’t been a problem in a while.  Immediately make bed.  Must keep place clean for prospective home buyers.

0620  You know, I haven't weighed myself in a week or so…  Crap! ~7 lbs over where I wanna be.  I’d been doing better since the holiday hyperphagia, but indulgences both at work (people keep bringing snacks in) and at home – giant Mexican food fest on Saturday – is killing me.  Brush teeth and shave.  Immediately clean vanity.  Must keep place clean for prospective home buyers.

0700  Leave for work.  Collect my boy-stuff and my breakfast and head out the door.  Talk to Beloved on phone while in transit.  I’m excited because I’m going to NM this weekend – and while not the last time, we’re certainly in the home stretch.  I have a the rarest of southern California commutes – I don’t get on a freeway, just surface streets. 


0715  Get to work.  Start coffee then turn on computer.  (Note: as usual, I’m going to be pretty vague about my employer, and since what I do is proprietary, I will be really vague about what I do…)

0725  First coffee.  Ok, now the day can start.  Assess day.  Planning meetings early, but not a very crowded schedule.  Good way to start the week.

0830  Remember to fax off mortgage pre-approval information – oh, his fax machine isn’t working.  Great.  Hold on.  Scan documents into a pdf and then email.  Ok great.

0900  Group meeting.  I love my group.  They’re smart.  They’re motivated.  They’re funny.  We go over the latest data and start to set priorities for the coming weeks.  This is a great way to start off the week.  I have the comfort in knowing that everything is under control.  Of course, science is such that every timeline we just discussed will be broken by the vagaries of doing experiments.  That’s ok – broad brushstrokes are good.  They know how to handle the details.

1000  (Other) group meeting.  We’re in the process of making some changes to the way that things have been done on one of our high level programs, so this was meeting was to make sure we’ve got everything covered.  We do.

Oh look, its eleven o’clock.  Good lord, where is this day going?

1130  Lunch.  I’m thinking spinach salad at the cafeteria.  What’s that??  My favorite cafeteria lady Bianca has cooked up fish and chips as the lunch entrée?  I wasn’t really THAT many pounds over, was I?  I don’t wanna disappoint Bianca, do I?


1230  For the next three hours, I’m able to go over data data data and some more data.  This is really good.  Recently, I haven’t had many chances to do that.  I can’t show the data (naturally), but it sort of looks like this from a paper we published earlier this year.

1600  Seriously??  It’s not five yet?

1645  Thinking back to the scale in the morning and the way the fish and chips have settled, I decide that I need to run – something that I haven’t quite manage to squeeze into my schedule yet this year – which of course, goes a long way to explain the data on the scale this morning.

1703  Home and getting changed.

1708  Crap!  Where’s my mp3 player?  I thought it was in my gym bag… how about that drawer… Oh… TELL ME that I packed it away in some plastic storage bin in preparation for selling the place and that its sitting in our storage unit… now I have to run with <gasp> the thoughts inside my own head.


1718  Give up looking.  Go run anyway.  I go to the park that’s near my place because I don’t wanna run on the street – way too dangerous, especially during rush hour.  It’s a quarter mile there and a quarter mile back and the park has a little path around it that is about a quarter mile.  So all I have to do is make 10 laps and that’s a three mile round trip.  Its ugly, but I huff and I puff my way through it.  Follow up with TJ’s honey nut cheerios and watch an episode of Veronica Mars.

1900  Piano practice.  My next class starts a week from now, and I’ve been trying to learn a couple of things including a simplified version of Pachelbel’s Canon and Bach’s Minuet in G.  I’m trying to break myself of a slavish devotion to Beethoven.


Ok – time to post in preparation for “Heroes” tonight!!  All in all, a pretty darn good day.

Oh — and it just started RAINING!!!  Excellent!  We've had < 2" of rain since July 1st, 2006.  We need all we can get!

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14 thoughts on “Come Monday

  1. This was cute! Maybe I'll do the same thing one of these days. But I think (know) that my days aren't near as exciting as yours are! I spy a BMW key! Spiffy! ;D

  2. "Remember to fax off mortgage pre-approval information – oh, his fax
    machine isn’t working. Great. Hold on. Scan documents into a pdf and
    then email. Ok great."Whoo hoo! Death to the fax parade! Your day sounds great, the fact that you like the group that you work with is intriguing. I'd like to try that some day.

  3. I wholly endorse it — Hannabanana toyed with tagging people (as did I) but I think its a fun idea… I had my little moleskine notebook and kept jotting down little thoughts try not to forget anything.
    And as for the key — guy's gotta have his guilty pleasure… :)

  4. nice lookin' camera . . . the only downfall i see is the 4-AA sized batteries. yea, the reghargeables are good, and if they die you can resort to standard batteries . . . but i'm a fan of the camera specific batteries. why, seeing that they only work with one charger, and can't be replaced with generic batteries? just because of the life of the battery. they tend to hold charge and last longer than the AA sized ones. other than that, good stuff. can't wait to see what you see. :)

  5. I know — I mulled that one over a bit, but even with the size/weight of the batteries, its still not that bad (about the size of my last 3MP camera) — but it was reviewed really well, had all the manual features I was looking to explore (and then some!) — and had the flip-out viewscreen that I think will be great at getting shots with interesting perspective. :)

  6. I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I see people with two monitors on their desk. I've been working that way for years and proselytize for them where ever I go. What does the Taco Bell sauce packet say?Feb. & March are usually our wettest months, usually I love it but I drive 30 miles up and down The 15 everyday and you know how SoCal drivers are in the rain.

  7. Fish — I love my two monitors! It makes like SO much better. At first when my boss suggested that I get another one, I was like "why bother?", but now I'm totally hooked.
    The Taco Bell sauce packet says, "Pick me! Pick me!" — which was an inside joke with a friend that used to work here — actually derived from a Grey's Anatomy episode…

  8. Okay, so how weird is it that two of my most favorite piano pieces are Pachelbel's Canon and Minuet in G? There is one another piece that I can't remember the name of, but next time I'm at my parents' house (I don't have a piano in my little apartment) I'm going to find it — you absolutely have to get it. It's beautiful.
    And you had dinner with Veronica! How cute. :)
    Oh yeah — I'm going to start running. I have to start out really slowly, because I've kind of gotten out of shape over the past year, and I've never run before. Any tips?

  9. Hey Jen — I've been pretty happy with those two pieces and they've gotten to a point where I think I can add something else. I love to hear what you like — though it better have an arrangement for "beginners"… :) My family gave me a couple of nice compilation music books this past Christmas, so I'm looking forward to learning some new pieces!
    As for running, I think the most important thing IS to start out slowly. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes, and just make it as regularly-scheduled as possible (that's the trap I've fallen into — it got out of my routine). Even if its only a mile, find a place (or two) you like to run and go. And walking breaks are totally acceptable. If you like outside (I hate running on a treadmill) there's a great google-map application where you can chart out your run.

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