That Lovin’ Feeling: Tar Heels Down Duke

The Tar Heels outlasted an emotional but ultimately over-powered Duke team in Cameron Indoor Stadium tonight — sending thousands of blue-painted privileged kids out into the chilly Tobacco Road air with yet another home loss on their record in the ACC season.  Yeah, too bad for them.

As a proud Tar Heel alum, I've been following the season with interest this year, but haven't really felt the need to comment on many games.  As always, the match-up with Duke is always one to pay a little extra attention to.

I'd hoped for a Tar Heel whitewash — UNC is considerably more talented than Duke this year.  But the early minutes when Duke came out of the gates draining basket after basket, you knew this was going to be one of those games.  Down by 10 early in the 2nd Half, the Heels steadied the ship and began chipping away at the Blue Devil lead finally taking the lead with about 5:00 to go.

I've observed that on several occasions this year, the Heels have let opponents get out in front of them only to fight their way back — sometimes successfully, sometimes not (see VaTech, and NC State games).  Let's hope they can shake that by the time ACC and NCAA tourney time comes around.


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4 thoughts on “That Lovin’ Feeling: Tar Heels Down Duke

  1. Go, Heels! I didn't have the privilege of attending UNC, but I lived in Charlotte for two years and was in Chapel Hill practically every other weekend covering a soccer game or doing an interview, and I instantly fell in love with the Carolina campus. And Franklin Street. (Granted I was never there on a Friday or Saturday night.) I have a UNC baseball cap and a couple tshirts and sweatshirts that I wear quite proudly. :)

  2. Of all the places that I've lived — and I've moved around a lot in the past 20 years — I think the one place I could leave SoCal for would be to go back to NC. I really liked it there. We made shrimp and grits the other week and MAN did it take me back.
    When I was at UNC as a grad student, sometimes we would walk over to watch the UNC Women's Soccer team play (the field was near the chemistry department). It was at the height of the Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly era. They were incredible.

  3. Hey EZ — that's RIGHT!! After all the NFL talk this season I forgot that you were a Hokie. They've had a good run so far this season. I'm already getting psyched for the ACC tournament, and its a month away still.

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