Vox Hunt: Couldn’t Get Through It

Book: Show us a book you started reading but never finished.

I tried I tried I tried… I wanted to be smart and thoughtful and well-informed and historically appreciative, but in the end, I didn't care about President #2.


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10 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Couldn’t Get Through It

  1. hehehe. I was looking through my bookcase today, to answer this question, trying to jog my memory about which books I'd not finished and I noticed the same book. Quite apart from not finishing it, I've never even started it!

  2. Well, as a "ferrner" (does that approximate midwestian pronunciation of "foreigner"), JA would be sort of a stretch — apparently it was for this "merrcun" too!

  3. Harry Potter, likewise a book I picked up but couldn't finish.McCullough is a smart guy, but I'm not the biggest fan of his work. You have to really want to be interested in the topic to delve into it. John Adams was unique as a president because the country was still new, and for his revolutionary era activities. 1776 read, to me at least, in a similar style and I didn't really get into it.

  4. I poked around on wikipedia — apparently his brother Sam Adams (of beer moniker fame) had 15 electoral votes in the presidential election of 1796. John only beat out Jefferson by 3 EVs — 71-68. Wouldn't THAT have been an awkward family dinner if Sam had taken a couple more…

  5. Don't feel bad, I borrowed the CD Book version of this from the Library and I couldn't even get through listening to someone read this book to me.

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