Vox Hunt: Is For The Birds

Show us some birds.

When we were on vacation in Kauai in April of 2005 (Two years ago!!  Ack!), we had this fantastic house that was right on the coast on the southern side of the island (near Spouting Horn for those familiar with the island).

Each morning, we would make breakfast and have coffee or each evening when we would relax with a couple of mai-tais, this pair of red-crested cardinals (an import to Hawaii from South America evidently) would inevitably turn up, check us out for a little while, tweet at us, and be on their way.

I thought they looked quite dapper in their grey and crimson – they always brought a smile to my face when they came and visited.

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8 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Is For The Birds

  1. What gorgeous birds! I love bird watching. I'm totally amazed at what birds are actually "normal" down here in Florida. In Maryland, you would only find these birds in the zoo. Anyway, love the picture.

  2. The funny thing about the waves was that they were really loud (we were
    in this little cove and they really echoed) and we thought — oh, this
    is beautiful, but we'll never sleep! Well, I think they made us
    restless the first night, and then after that we never noticed them!

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