Unanticipatedly Off

So the delivery of our new washer and dryer was scheduled for this morning (please be home between 8:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.) – and after a really packed couple of weeks leading up to the end of the quarter, this week was fairly open and so I told The Beloved that I could cover the wait.

Of course, if they’re here at 8:30 and out by 9:00, then really I can get to work and have a mostly complete day.  However, what if they were late?  Getting in by 1:30??  Pffft… what could I reasonably expect to accomplish at work then?  In my mind, the transition from short-day to day-off was underway…

Fortunately for my plan, the delivery was towards the very end of the range (they were out of here by 12:30) and so I emailed work and said I’d see ‘em tomorrow.  So what to you do with an unexpected day off?

Well the morning was taken up waiting for the aforementioned delivery guys, but I was able to check into work via VPN and of course, do a thorough check of my vox neighborhood – and there was list-making.  Bills to pay, groceries to get, chores around the house to do… I like lists.  I’m a crosser-offer.

Well, the appliances were delivered and installed and after only one “Sir, do you have any towels?  There’s a bit of a leak”.  More like a bit of Old Faithful, but it made me appreciate our stone-tile floors all the more – easy wipe up.  After that false start, all was well – even if we didn’t quite appreciate the depth of the washers in the showroom, everything fits – which is good, because I’m pretty much out of jeans.  And socks.  And clean towels.


Close cropped
Target Haul

After that, I made the call to take the rest of the day – a quick trip to the bank and then to the barbershop.  I had noticed this weekend that I was really starting to look kinda like a hippie, so it was good to get that taken care of – and bonus, in the middle of the day on a weekday there’s no line!  It’s like I’m retired!  Woo!  The barbershop is next to a Target and its siren-song was calling me in to drop 50 bucks on a bunch of sundries – most of which are hard to acquire at Trader Joe’s (well, except for the Clif Bars).


Now well into the afternoon, I heated up last week’s Chinese food for lunch and decided  to do something that I hadn’t done since maybe 1996… mow the grass.  You see, when I lived in the Midwest I had a ½ acre and after one summer of keeping up with that, I caved into getting a lawn service.  Moving to SD (when I was with She That Must Not Be Named), I opted for lawn service, then I was in an apartment or condo.  Here at The Aerie, there really isn’t a lot of lawn (southern California home lots are measured in square feet, not acres).  I didn’t even own a lawn mower anymore, but fortunately The Beloved had one in her dowry.  Don’t be impressed by the push mower though – it probably took me 20 minutes to do both the front AND the back.  Though the push-mower was probably a good thing, because I would have looked really silly doing these postage stamps with a gas mower.

I decided to treat to a walk around the neighborhood – down to the bottom of our street and then back up.  The back-up I decided to take the “hard way” – one of the streets leading back up to our house goes up ~325 feet in elevation 2500 ft in distance.  Yeah, that’s a 13% grade.  That puts a little feeling into your calves I can tell you, but it felt good.  I took the camera along and snapped a few along the way.

Cactus and ocotilloStop n smellBlack Mountain

Now its another shower – practice my Bach minuet (G major) and my other Bach minuet (G minor) before the Beloved gets home and we fix some dinner together.  Not a bad way to cap an unexpectedly fun day!

I guess the lesson is: when you can, schedule appliance calls in the middle of the day!

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11 thoughts on “Unanticipatedly Off

  1. Sounds like a fun, relaxing day! And your neighborhood is really beautiful. I still wish you would've snapped a photo of your delivery guy, but certainly not at the risk of your getting pummeled. :)

  2. [Target is good]
    I can't just casually go to Target. Siren song is a fantastic description. I think $50 is about the norm. Or the minimum, anyway.

  3. I also blew far to much at Target. Went in for carpet cleaner, also got lint rollers, Clorox 2, new pens, stationary, and more peeps. *sigh* Really wish TJ's carried cheaply priced carpet cleaner and I would've avoided that. Then again, I walked out of there with far too much, too.

  4. What a great "mental" day. I bet you are feeling just perfect around now. I would like to know a little more about this hippie look you were starting to adopt… post pictures of that next time!

  5. Yes — someone was disappointed that they were not available in orange! Actually, the ones we ended up getting were the next size up from what we'd originally targeted — those we might have been able to get in steely grey or metallic blue. Orange seems to be out this year…

  6. i'm totally a list crosser-offer, too. although i tend to draw little boxes . . . check mark means done, dash means efforts have been made but not completed. i'm rather excited to make my many moving lists. and i'm seriously jealous of your neighborhood. maybe my next big-time move should be california. i could definitely deal with the incessant sunshine.

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