Vox Hunt: Spice-y Things Left Unread

Book: What book are you most ashamed you haven't read?
Submitted by Byrne.

Not really embarrassed, but I think I'm definitely out of the SF mainstream (if there can be such a thing)…

I started this book once in high-school at the same time that I devoured things like "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" and gave up on it fairly early-in.  I know, its a classic — its spawned a kajillion follow-on books that I wouldn't even begin to know how to keep straight.

Maybe I should pick it up again (as if my "to read" pile isn't already too tall!)  Any thoughts?

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11 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Spice-y Things Left Unread

  1. I was the exact same way with this book. I was completely into LOTR and scifi and Thomas Covenant but could not get through this book. I tried twice and never made it.

  2. The first time I read Dune was the third time I had tried. Of course, both initial attempts were before I was 14, and I think the sheer size of the book was a factor, since the only book I had ever read close to that size at the time was It by Stephen King.When I finally persevered, I found that I really enjoyed the overall book, but found it to be a roller-coaster of interest/boredom as the plot progressed. You may find if you push past where you were before that it picks up a great deal, only to slow down again about 2/3 of the way through.If you're really determined to get through it though, may I suggest the audiobook route? I've gone with this choice for many of the "classics" that I couldn't bring myself to finish in book form, but have thoroughly enjoyed listening to. 20 minutes here or there on a drive, or when you just want to rest your eyes, can really get you into the story. I find myself occasionally wishing my drive home from work was slightly longer so I can hear another paragraph or two of my current audiobook.

  3. Nope, I'm exactly the opposite. I got through this one a couple of times. Never made it all the way through LOTR. I prefer something like this over the sword and sorcery stuff.

  4. Sdede2 — you made me feel better… at least I'm not crazy, or we both are…
    Jen — thats IF it makes it there!
    Ross — that's actually a really good idea that I had never considered. A lot of life in CA is spent in traffic. That might be a good way to get into stories that I haven't been able to in print.
    SteveP — would you call Dune "space opera"?? I've heard the term, but never really understood what it meant?

  5. What's funny about me and LOTR — it took me literally like 10 years to get through Fellowship of the Ring. (I'd start and stop it about a half dozen times.) And then right before the first movie came out, I read all three books in like a week.

  6. It was weird — I loved them as a teen, but when I went back and re-read them in my 30s (when I heard they were coming out in film) — I really struggled through them. I also forgot just how short RoTK is as a book!

  7. I would definitely recommend that you read "Dune" but all the follow-on stuff I found impossible to get through. Even though I liked and cared about the main characters and WANTED to know what happened to them, I just couldn't do it. And the stuff that was written later (after his death? not sure) by his son or somebody, is just, well…. just, well… not up to the original.

  8. Well, apparently, they're trying to make a movie of that too — :) "The Hobbit" is a way simpler storyline but does set the stage for the MUCH grander storyline to come. Actually, I haven't re-read it since I was a teen — I wonder if I would like it again?

  9. When I think "Space Opera", I think of E.E. Doc Smith's Grey Lensman series, or Piers Anthony's Bio of a Space Tyrant series, or even Asimov's Foundation series (all three highly recommended, if you haven't read them). I guess Dune could technically fall in the category, but it just doesn't seem to qualify in my eyes. Probably because about 99% of the story takes place on a planet, and space/space travel/technology only seems present to forward the plot. However, I've heard a lot of the follow-on novels tend to deal more with this stuff, so maybe the series as a whole could be considered more "Space Opera"-ish. I wouldn't know, as I gave up halfway through the 2nd Dune novel and never picked up any of the others.Check out your local library for LOTS of free audiobooks on tape/CD. Many times bookstores/online booksellers have discount bins for cheap purchases as well. Librivox provides free audiobooks of books that are in the public domain, oftentimes with each chapter read by a different person (but they're free!) I'll avoid posting anything about the not-so-legal ways to obtain audiobooks, but I'm sure you can find them if you're determined :)

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