A Reason I Like VOX

I was invited been invited to a party that I was pretty juiced to go to and I had a bunch of conversations that went like this…

Person: How do you know Fish?
Steve: I met him for the first time today.
Person: Oh?
Steve: We’re in each others’ blogging neighborhoods and he invited me over.
Person: Cool.  Welcome!

I will let (Fish) describe CDBB for everyone, but I just wanted to give him, his family, and his “in person” friends a lot of thanks for welcoming me to their party and making me feel at home.  I had a really good time.  Here’s a pic of the two of us – do we look like our vox head shots?

In fact, the only downsides might have been that I had to split a little early and that while I was at the party, my new house almost got burned down.  Well, not really, but close enough that neighbors could see the flames.

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10 thoughts on “A Reason I Like VOX

  1. You met (Fish)! No fair! Yup, the only bad thing about Vox is that everyone isn't close enough to meet up. Glad you had a good time and your house didn't get burned down. That is always a good thing!

  2. [I am jealous] But so cool. Yes, you do indeed both look like your Vox head shots. And I saw a photo of you playing Wii on Fish's Flickr site, which made me smile :)

  3. very cool, Steve. i know if i ever manage to get down to your neck of Cali i totally wanna get together and have lunch or summat!

  4. [This is awesome] and [I am very jealous, like Hannah] You guys look just like I pictured you. (Which is not hard given that…I've seen pictures.)
    (Fish) — more details about CDBB soon!! (Did you hear about the Lost finale party? Which btw, Steve, is now going to be spring 2010. Three seasons of February-March, no commercials. Not bad, huh? But I think I want to head west before then. Maybe we'll have to have like a VM DVD party. Hee.

  5. OK, OK. CDBB Details. Be warned they are kind of boring, I just wrote what ever I remembered. Jen- A lost Finale Party? Sounds good to me.Steve- If you're looking for your Outer Banks hat it's sitting on my end table.

  6. Liz — you know it!
    Jen — I hadn't heard the 3 mini seasons with no commercials. Wow — they're really embracing doing something different. Good for NBC.
    (Fish) — D'oh! I realized that last night. I'll try and help us remember for next time.

  7. You probably figured out I meant to type February to May…anyway, I think it's a great move. Builds the anticipation for sure.

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