I’ve Lost That Running Feeling

One of my very first blog entries (I think of it back on the blog-with-training-wheels stage) was about losing the day’s worries in taking a run at Torrey Pines State Beach, which is only a mile or so from where I work.

Well, with the re-commitment to getting exercise and really terrible day yesterday at work (there’s an adage that you spend 90% of your time managing 10% of your people – its true – and yesterday I had piano class so couldn’t burn off steam with exercise, but piano was good too, oh and I'm rambling…), it was time to head to the beach again.

Let’s see –
Tunes?  Check.
Sandstone cliffs?  Check.
Ocean?  Check.
Pelicans?  Check.

But where’d all this wheezing come from!?!?!?  That wasn’t there the last time!

Oh that’s right… last time I was in shape.  Que sera sera — I'll get it back.  Even with all that, it was really good – and in a way answers Hops QotD today.  Hard to think of a much better way to "get away".

Also, the tide coming in provides excellent motivation to hurry up and get done!

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9 thoughts on “I’ve Lost That Running Feeling

  1. Wow, that's a beautiful place! I would take up running if I had a place like that to run. I just have a treadmill on my screen porch facing my overgrown backyard with the kids' ramshackle fort in the middle, made out of old lumber they took from behind our shed.

  2. That is a gorgeous place to run. I've started to run (only in the neighbourhood and now the treadmill) but really love it so far – especially with Nike+.

  3. Lucky, lucky, lucky! What a view!
    When we lived in Honolulu, my run took me around Kapiolani Park in Waikiki, up Diamond Head Road (ocean on your right, Diamond Head on your left). I swore I'd never take it for granted and I don't think I ever did.

  4. Do you have the problem that your legs aren't really tired, but your lungs and heart are. My legs also get really tight really quick while I am out of shape (Currently).

  5. bookwormy — the Nike+ looks really cool — and I'm completely a stats and numbers sort of person, so I think I'd really like it. The only downside is that I can't wear Nike shoes (my feet are too wide), so I'd have to make it work with my New Balances.
    Budd — I did way too much breathing through my mouth yesterday, which speaks volumes about my lack of steady conditioning — I felt pretty good during and after, and my legs are pleasantly stiff this morning. It really motivates me to get back to it.

  6. Thank you for this rambling of thought.
    It has clarified something for me, a design of direction.
    Just set a goal and move towards it…it can be simple if I make it that way.
    I'm new to all this stuff so be gentle with me lol.

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