Things You Wait a Long Time for the Right Moment to Say

The Scene:  Project Team meeting at work, a dozen or so scientists in the room.  These are usually moderately staid affairs with different people giving updates on data and discussions of setting priorities and coordinating different groups’ efforts.

The Topic:  The effect of different compounds in an animal model.

The Speaker: <Points to data on screen> "You can see here…that compound-2 really put the whammy on glucose."

And I could not stop myself…

Steve:  "Please explain to me the scientific nature of “the whammy”."

I think three people just started busting up laughing and the rest thought I was being dead serious, or just looked confused — which gives a sampling that 4 out of 12 scientists were devoted to "The X-Files" enough to get the joke.

It’s the stupidest little things that can make your day.

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8 thoughts on “Things You Wait a Long Time for the Right Moment to Say

  1. Oh, MAN. What Steve said. I think I would've paid good money to see that. You must start recording these meetings.
    I remember the exact moment Scully said that…good times, good times.

  2. That's hilarious! Either they watch the X-Files or 4 out of 12 scientist have a sense of humor..please study those numbers and get back to me.

  3. I can imagine it happening. I have the X-files and the Mission Impossible themes cued up to play at appropriate times while on the phone with users myself.

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