Janie tasked me with coming up with 10 things that most people don’t know about me.  I had made a similar attempt at something similar a while back, but I’m game, so lets see…

  1. Like Janie, I share the same middle name with one of my siblings.  Though its not Lyn.  Its Francis.  It was my dad’s first name.  And he had HIS dad’s first name as a middle name.  Must be a Betz-thing.

2.  I once sang “Country Roads Take Me Home” doing karaoke during a business trip to Japan.

3.  At a grade school recital rehearsal (I think it was 3rd grade), I was stung by a bee, passed out, fell off the riser I was on, falling onto the stage floor.  This prompted Ephraim Nieves to shout, “O my God, he’s DEAD!”

4.  I once drove from Chapel Hill, NC to Camden NJ and never once used my turn signal.  (It was a Jersey-driver test of honor sort of thing)

5.  Eight states left!  Based on Cori’s post the other day, I looked into World66 and was surprised when I input the states that I have been to.  I know I was in Oregon during a family trip when I was a tyke, but I don’t really remember it, so I didn’t think I should count it.

6.  My brother gave me my first driving lesson in his slick 1977 Monte Carlo (it had a landau roof — classy).  The first thing I did was drive up onto the curb and nearly into a telephone pole.  My dad completed my driver’s education.

7.  I participated in high school musicals.  The photos from my senior year performance in “Pippin” are ashes.

8.  I interviewed for a position at DuPont after I earned my PhD with the one of the biggest hangovers of my life (my old college roommate lived about a block from the hotel I stayed at – we stayed up drinking).  During the seminar portion of the talk, I couldn’t get nervous, b/c I was so focused on staying coherent.  I aced it and got the position.

9.  In grad school (and at various places since), my nickname was “Bubba”.  A good percentage of people that know me, still use that as their primary way to address me.

10.  The first movie I can ever remember going to see (I think I was ~5 yo) was Disney’s “Song of the South”  — apparently I went around singing Zipidee-doo-dah for weeks.
Open tagging-season for all that would like to participate!

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7 thoughts on “Meme-10

  1. 3. I feel bad, but I just burst out laughing. I couldn't help it. I got a sudden mental image. Of course, I don't know what you looked like in the third grade, so basically, the third-grade you in my mental image was just a very short current version of you. :)
    6. I learned to drive in my mom's Suburban. The first time I tried to park it in the garage, I drove it through the wall and into the hallway by the kitchen. The next day, my dad suspended a tennis ball from the ceiling so I knew where to stop.
    7. Are you SURE? That offer to pay money to see 'em still stands…
    9. Okay. No turn signals, that one story about getting out of a ticket and the cop and the guns, and now Bubba? Are you SURE you're not really from Texas? :)

  2. No blinker!?!?! I think I would go crazy. My mother brought me up to use your blinker, even if you were turning into your driveway.
    As far as Bubba, that's funny. Steve's older brother's is known by Bubba. You don't strike me as a Bubba, but I just might start calling you that now!
    Thanks for playing along! You were a good sport about being tagged!

  3. Hysterical about the driving lessons. My mom won't ever let me forget that my first check (from my first bank account) was used to pay a police ticket for accidentally backing into another car. (One week after getting my driver's license.)

  4. Jen — as to me in 3rd grade — lose the glasses and add a LOT of hair (it was like a mop on my head) — boy, those were the days… :p
    And I thought the Bubba thing was a fad that would die-off after a couple of weeks — its only followed me for close to 20 years! In fact, if I'd thought about NOT using my real name in my vox-title, it almost certainly would have been some version of Bubba. :)

  5. I grew up in Oklahoma, so I know you should definitely visit. Really. In fact, Oklahoma turns 100 this year—so this is the year to visit.This message was brought to you by the Oklahoma Department of Tourism.

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