Out of the Office Assistant

I will be out of the the vox-office from Friday June 15th  through Sunday June 24th – probably with very limited internet access.  This will be strange.

The Beloved and I are leaving for a trip to New England that goes…
     Visit with friends
     Attend scientific conference
     Couple of days on our own

The scientific conference we’re attending is this year's Proteins Gordon Research Conference.  You can look at the program, I’m one of the discussion leaders.  Should be fun.  I haven’t been to a pure research driven meeting in a long time – mostly now I attend meetings to schmooze, find out what the competition is doing and keep up with “the latest”.  This harkens back to the old ivory tower academic days where you could disappear for a few days at a time and just think about science.  Sort of cool.


So I’ll leave you with the structure of a protein that’s pretty important to many of us – alcohol dehydrogenase.  It’s the enzyme that begins to metabolism of ethanol, so that it doesn’t poison us.  This is a good picture of the structure — the active enzyme is a dimer.  I’m sure that I will give my alcohol dehydrogenase a work-out at times this week.

Have a good week, and I will catch up as much as possible when I get back!

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12 thoughts on “Out of the Office Assistant

  1. Have fun!! It'll definitely be weird not "seeing" you around for such a long time. Just make sure we get loads of long, picture-filled posts when you return. :)

  2. I suppose I'll let this slide since Steve and I will be gone for 10 days in July. Hope you and the Beloved have an awesome trip! And yes, long picture-filled post per Jen's request!

  3. I think that enzyme is the one I'm lacking (I get the red face thing like many Asians)…sigh.
    Have fun in New England! If you want any Boston hangout recommendations, let me know…used to live there.

  4. When I first saw ADH before reading the post I thought Anti-diuretic Hormone. I guess in a way you'll be exercising that one too. Have a blast!! I'll wave as you fly by Michigan.

  5. Ooh, pretty picture! I used to have a zoology teacher who acutally used to sew giant figures of molecules and cells and stuff. I love science art.
    Hey, ADH….does that have anything to do with ketones? Darn, I'm forgetting all my cell biology and chem. (Ps I am in fact a conbio grad student, I probably joked about chem to get you to hire me. LOL)
    I hope you have fun on your trip! Can I give you some advice? DRESS WARM! It's like freakin' March here. Mother Nature is really kicking our butts out here. :)

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