Vox Hunt: This Weekend — Santa Barbara Bound

Show us what the weekend has in store for you.

 How rare that a QotD or Voxhunt actually matches up with a post that I was going to write… strange alignment.  This weekend I’m going to see someplace new and get there by a way I’ve never taken.

The where is Santa Barbara California – a place that I’ve never been and not really sure what to expect.  I’ve heard its pretty, and I’ve heard its expensive (which means it could be like a smaller version of San Diego). Is like living in a soap opera??  And how will it be with the ocean to the south?

The how is by train.  The Beloved is already up in that area (San Luis Opisbo to be exact) on business (she drove).  So the plan is for me to take Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner from Solana Beach to Santa Barbara where she will meet me.  I’m very curious to take the train – the commercials always make it look so glamorous – I’m sure its not, but I am sort of looking forward to a few hours to read and watch the world go by.


And will we be seeing all the gorgeous sights that Santa Barbara has to offer??  Well, not exactly.  The Beloved’s post-doc advisor (who is now at UCSB) is having a gala thrown on his behalf by his lab alumni.  So the majority of the day will be spent listening to scientific presentations.  Yep.  Saturday.  Santa Barbara.  Indoor.  Powerpoint slides.  Woo. 

(I will most likely resemble the guy with his head in his hand — hopefully not the guy picking his nose…I shouldn’t complain too much though – I have a 2-day Program Review which starts late Sunday afternoon, so that’s going to mean that we don’t get to see anything on Sunday either…)

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12 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: This Weekend — Santa Barbara Bound

  1. oh i love Santa Barbara! it's only about 25mi north of my grandparents, so we usually try to go up there when we're out that way. it absolutely gorgeous. seriously. the mall/Market St is quite neat. the mall is all open air. we've been to the Mission, which is nice, lots of pretty pictures. there's some nice resorts all along the main drag across from the beach, so down there it's all sun and sand, tourists and runners and whatnot. quite clean and pretty. there's a good pizza joint along there, i think it's the building with the windmill.
    the zoo is really cool, too. again, tons o' pictures. a nice place to have a picnic or something.
    walking out on the pier is also cool, there's a whole bunch of restaurants and shops out there–the little ice cream place is yummy, but we've never eated out there.
    the traffic sucks though. but so what else is new, this is california we're talking about!

  2. I've had mixed experiences on the train, mostly good though; just don't take any trips that connect with buses.I've only ever visited the downtown section of SB and it feels like a huge mall that people can drive their cars though, not my style. Have fun!

  3. SB is a gorgeous place… although, in my opinion, if you've scampered through one beach town you've scampered through them all. Lots of cute little shops and oceanside vendors line the main streets and people in straw hats, overpriced sunglasses, and too little clothing wander the sidewalks.
    However, I was born and raised in Orange County and beach towns are totally my thing. SB has excellent salt-water taffy and the sand along the seashore is some of the softest the west coast has to offer. SB is more of a "grown up" beach city and there tends to be a lot more of a mature crowd. Party girls in skanky bathing suits and beer swiggin' boys in board shorts tend not to take too kindly to the otherwise pricier culture that is SB.
    Ah, I'm jealous… you'll have a good time. "Gala" makes me think of ball gowns and fancy suits, not lectures and guys picking their noses out of boredom.

    Have a great time!! :)

  4. Ooo, I used to watch Santa Barbara. Never visited, though. Can't wait to see your pictures.
    My experience with trains is that when we were in Budapest, we were going to a little town about two hours away, and somehow we bought the wrong tickets and so in the middle of nowhere, we got kicked off. Maybe I should take another train trip to replace the bad memory. :)

  5. This just reminded me of my grandmother obsessively watching The Bold and the Beautiful and Santa Barbara (they aired back to back, way back when). LOL. And omg, that guy scratching his head has the most priceless expression on his face! Haha!Enjoy your trip. I quite envy you :)

  6. Love the train!! The 2 best places to go from here are east to Toronto, or west to Chicago. The best thing is that once you get there you don't have to worry about parking!!!

  7. (Fish) — we had originally thought about making a longer weekend (before I knew I had to be back early) in SLO — but the trains at that time terminated in SB and req'd the bus — so we thought not-so-much to that, too.
    Hapa — I know! And the beers were nice and cold!
    Pondy — I liked SB a lot — it reminded me of a bigger La Jolla.
    Jen — fortunately, I spoke the language AND the train terminated in Santa Barbara, so I couldn't go TOO far wrong!
    Angelanoel — we'd planned on wine-tasting Sunday, but at the last moment work called me in for a Sunday (!) consultants meeting — I wonder if we could spot each other?

  8. I was with a large group of engineering types so I don't know how noticeable I would have been. Haha. We did the tasting on Saturday, mostly around Los Olivos and Solvang. :)

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