Vox Hunt: Cityscape – 2

Show us a cityscape.

Inspired by Steve's (the other Steve — well, probably not the only other Steve… but you know what I mean…) fantastic picture of Seattle at night, I remembered this pic I took a couple of November's ago on a rainy ferry ride back from Bainbridge Island.

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7 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Cityscape – 2

  1. Hey, he stole your name. ;)
    I'm crazy about colors but this photo totally rocks. If I were in a store I would snatch it up for my art studio (otherwise known as the side porch LOL, but it would be a great place for this picture.)

  2. Ross — we had just taken a long weekend in Seattle as a get-away. I really liked the city and its feel. We walked around a lot, had great meals. We took a ferry over to Bainbridge Island one morning to see what it was like there (and to take the ferry ride).
    Really good friends of ours have just moved there, so I'm hoping to get back again soon.

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