Secret Weekend


So here it is: August 1st.

It’s an auspicious day at The Aerie, because it is the beginning of my birthmonth! (Woo!)

Oh… birthmonth you ask?  Well, it seemed a tad limiting to cram all-birthday oriented activities into one 24-hour period, so rather than a birthday, we decided you get a birthmonth.   So yeah, I’ll be even more self-absorbed and insufferable for the next 30 days than usual. (Actually, I’ve already been on the “don’t buy anything for yourself” blackout since mid-July, which is always sort of fun, though makes cruising Amazon fairly infuriating).

The most intriguing part of the birthmonth is that I was instructed to take Monday the 13th off from work.  Why?  Because we are leaving for “Secret Weekend” that Saturday!  The Beloved will be (presumably) taking me away for a weekend getaway as a surprise present. (We did this once last year (pre-blog or I’m sure you’d have heard about it…), when I arranged for us to have a weekend in Laguna).

I, of course, have been trying to wheedle out of her where we’re going, or (maybe more subtly) what clothes will I need to have clean when we leave, or will I need to pack toiletries in a zip lock because we’re flying rather than driving.  So far, she has been impervious to my queries.

So, my thought is that for a weekend trip its gotta be reasonably close either by car or by air (so Hawaii’s out).  Some thoughts…







… also any other ideas out there for pre-determining?  (Actually, I sort of like the not-knowing – that’s what makes it such a special treat!  I’m such a lucky guy!)

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19 thoughts on “Secret Weekend

  1. Ooooo, that sounds exciting. Palm Springs looks nice. Maybe Janie will surprise me and do something like this for my birthmonth…hint, hint.

  2. You are a lucky guy! No offense to Todd but it's just not his way to plan anything like that, so I decided that it's up to me to create my own birthmonth good times and am going on vacation with my sister. Again.

  3. Lucky lucky. My birthday is Saturday, and my wife asked me what I'd like for dinner that night, so no surprises there. However, we are going out to eat with friends on Friday night, and I have no idea yet, so I'll get a little suspense in this year!I'm sure you'll have fun, wherever you go. Take lots of fun pictures for us all to live vicariously through you!

  4. What a genius idea. Okay, whenever I find someone to put up with me, I'm so sending him your way so you can put lovely ideas like this one into his head! :)Happy birthmonth!

  5. Mello — you know, here's a crazy thing. Lived in California for nearly seven years, and have yet to go to a winery. In fact, I don't think I've ever driven by a winery.
    Hapa — that's true! We don't need to go north or east to getaway. We could go south….
    Hannah — does that mean you and Esther are coming to San Diego?
    Jay — you know, I never thought about trade-marking it. I bet Hallmark would pay a bundle for the rights!

  6. hopefully I get some kind of celebration for the big 30. isn't that supposed to be the depressing one? Sounds like you will be having a great month though. Enjoy!

  7. Hey Steve, happy birthmonth. What a great idea. I like your creative ideas for celebrating. Palm Springs would be my choice, but then again I'm here in winterville so I'm biased.

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