The Shadow of Extinction

So this past weekend, we braved the heat and went to the Wild Animal Park outside of San Diego.  I like the WAP more than zoos in many ways – mostly because the animals aren’t in tiny cages, and are given a larger range to move around.  Also, the Park is highly committed to education, as well as preservation and breeding of endangered species.

This animal, the Northern White Rhinoceros, has not been very lucky.  A native of  the Congo region, the Northern White has been ravaged by poaching, loss-of-habitat and being unfortunate enough to be underfoot in a war zone.  Estimates now suggest there are less than ten on Earth.

The WAP has two Northerns and I took this picture of one.  They have not been able to breed them – and these individuals are old (over 35 years).  So in a way, the WAP is serving as hospice for the extinction of this animal.

How very sad.

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11 thoughts on “The Shadow of Extinction

  1. Ugh. It's just disgusting. Poachers inspire an anger in me that few other things can match. I mean… acting in a way that you know is leading to the extinction of an entire species. I just don't understand it.

  2. The WAP does have one of the best Rhino collections in the world, in this case, perhaps even better than Africa. As someone who has never been ale to see a Cheetah in the wild since they went extinct in India in the late 40's, the thought of extinction just makes me shiver.

  3. D — it was hot enough that the cheetahs weren't much in a mood to sprint around — though apparently you can sign up for a early hours visit and watch them specifically.

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