QotD: Hottest Local Restaurant — Eat at Ariana’s

What's the current hottest restaurant in your city?  Have you tried it out yet?

I don’t think that this qualifies as “the hottest restaurant” in town, but today's question seemed like a good chance to bring to San Diegans’ attention a new restaurant that we’ve enjoyed a couple of times in the past couple of weeks – Ariana’s Kabob House in Mira Mesa.

This is an Afghan restaurant located on the north side of Mira Mesa Blvd just east of I-15 (next to Denny’s—its so new I can’t find the exact address for it).  It’s a family run affair.  The service is friendly (they took a lot of time to explain the different dishes since I knew nothing about Afghan food) and the food has been wonderful (and not-very-expensive to boot!).  Most similar in my experience to Persian food, but not quite the same.

Give it a shot!

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8 thoughts on “QotD: Hottest Local Restaurant — Eat at Ariana’s

  1. Hmmm, sounds good. I used to go to a Korean BBQ joint in that same strip mall called Shozen Manpo (was close to where I used to work), but now I can't find the website for Shozen, so maybe they've gone out of business and Ariana's moved in?

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