Things I Never Thought I’d See

When we moved into the Aerie at the beginning of April, we used the garage as a staging area for assembling, disassembling and storage for various overlapped belongings and junk of the Beloved and me (remember houses in southern California don’t have basements).

The goal was to get the house in shape and live-able and then clear out the garage – storing the things we needed and then jettisoning the debris.  Moving in at the beginning of April, I figured it’d be Memorial Day (tops) when we had everything done.

Memorial Day came and went…
The garage was off-limits during our housewarming party in June…
Our cars celebrated Independence Day (still) in the driveway…
There was not enough labor over Labor Day to finish the job…

But (!) – in addition to our first rain in months, this weekend The Beloved went on an organizational tear (while I did the grass) and we made one last Goodwill run and last night, we did it – we got the cars in the garage.


Somehow I doubt that means we’re done!

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22 thoughts on “Things I Never Thought I’d See

  1. Could you do mine next? DH's fixer upper Firebird sits in one side of the garage and all the stuff to remodel my bathroom has sat on MY side of the garage since June. Do you do plumbing, too?

  2. Awww, you have matching Beemers :) Yes, good thing you can keep those beauties in the garage now. Congrats on taking another productive step towards completely settling into the Aerie.

  3. Yay!! What a great feeling to have that job done. When we moved into our house 3 years ago, also in April, I think it was also sometime around early fall when we finally got our cars into the garage. Brian's impetus was having to listen to me repeatedly say, "I am not going to have to scrape my windows every morning in the winter!" Somehow I don't think you could've used that one for motivation – you did it all on your own! :)

  4. That's a great thing!What's funny to me is that our garage contains nothing BUT our cars (and a few odds and ends) because we have a frakking HUGE basement here!

  5. Congrats Steve, I can only get one car in our garage. I started organizing and cleaning last January buy as most New Years Resolutions go, well you know. :lol: There are 5 of us here and we all have our own ride.

  6. I've made 3 trips to Goodwill in the last 2 days, and my garage doesn't look like that. What am I doing wrong?Seriously, nice job there….I'm hoping to achieve some semblance of order resembling that in the next month or so, but first we have to finish the nursery inside so I can move all the crap from the garage back in there after we're done painting!

  7. What an amazing thing! It feels quite cathartic to let go. Like there's room for more… beware the creep of the vicious cycle toward your clean garage.
    Yesterday I commented to friend Steve, who owns the same house as I, but on a different street, "I think I need more house." Steve retorts, "No, dear, you need less stuff."

  8. I wish more people would clear out their garages and park their cars inside! We have had to do major cleaning out and sending off to charity for the impending arrival. It is tough to do, but doesn't it feel good now that it is done!?

  9. Oof, that's a lot of work! But it feels so good to be done reorganising, doesn't it? (well, at least for the time being…) I need to overhaul my living space, it's been due for a while now and I've been putting it off… you've inspired me to get cracking!

  10. You're doing better than we are. A year after we moved into the house, we've only just reached the stage where we can foresee a day when the cars will go in the garage. Then we'll have a garage warming party.

  11. ha! cuz you so *need* a garage in Souther California… what with all that snow you get all winter long.
    *glare* i don't have a garage. i'm officially jealous. maybe then i'd have a place to put more of my crap!

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