Scrapple and Apple End Up in a Draw

Crazy day in sports yesterday as the Phillies entered the last day of the regular season tied with the New York Mets for 1st place in the National League East and the Eagles entered a nationally telecast showdown versus the New York Giants in a “stay out of the cellar” match-up of NFC East foes.

In past years, the Eagles have owned their division, while the Phils were always just not quite good enough to make it into baseball’s elite – steadily falling just a little shy of making the playoffs.

Yesterday, the Phils completed a surprising seasonal turnaround – shaking off a dismal 4-11 start in April and going 17-7 to cap their schedule.  Their NL East title (the first since the Mitch Williams Wild-Thing year of 1993) was definitely aided by the Mets epic collapse.  The only thing better would have been if it would have happened to the Yankees.  And so their on to face the winner of the Padres-Rockies 1-game face-off today in Colorado.  Though not as bad as the Mets, the Friars frittered away their chance at the NL West and have nearly-squandered their chance at the NL-WC.  Can’t wait to see what happens.

The Eagles on the other-hand look like a team that has hurried into “rebuilding” mode, turning in an embarrassing performance on national TV last night.  Without Brian Westbrook and with a make-shift offensive line the team was incapable of moving the ball consistently – though they were very consistent in allowing the Giants defesnsive line to have a feast-day on the not-mobile-enough Donovan McNabb to the tune of 12 sacks.  And the Birdz handled the Giants more than a football field (132 yards) on 15 penalties.  Wow.  Sad days.  I’m thankful for the bye week.

Maybe they’ll break out the baby blue and mustard from now on out.

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12 thoughts on “Scrapple and Apple End Up in a Draw

  1. Steve, I was meaning to tell you, my son Joey (age 7) is going to the Vikings-Eagles game on October 28 with my father-in-law. Going to an NFL game is a dream come true for him!

  2. you know, i really thought you were going to write some ingenious post on the scientific correlation between two great american foods: the mystery-meat commonly known as "scrapple" and apple pies.i'm glad it was really about baseball.

  3. ahhhh, i thought you were going to talk about scrapple, too. heh…the hubby's from PA so i know alllll about scrapple. :D it's so good. as long as i don't think about it. :)

  4. Now Mello, how on earth am I supposed to root for the Eagles to smash the Vikings now knowing that your boy is sharing a special day with his grandpa at his first NFL game??
    Wow — that's low….. ;)

  5. Look like the eagles should have saved a few of their 8 TD's last week and spread them around. I'm sad to admit I really only kept watching this game to see how many times McNabb would get sacked. If they don't bring back the Powder Blue and Gold, they may want to consider figuring out some thicker padding for the back of McNabb's uniform. He spent more time on his back than his feet last night. For a guy coming off ACL surgery how many more times can he get sacked before he is dunzo??

  6. I don't like the Eagles at all and I had to change the channel because it was too painful to watch. Instead I watched Doomed on cable. Maybe I should have finished the gam.

  7. I'm sure glad I'm a Yankees fan and not a Mets fan. :)Also, I'm sorry your Eagles lost, even if it was to my future husband Eli Manning.

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