Road Warriors

Twelve games were played in the NFL today.  Surprisingly, the road team won 9 of 12.  That’s pretty remarkable.

Also, pretty remarkable were the predictions from prognostication wunderkind (and occasional chump) Tight Rope Willy, who had a clean slate today.

I didn’t get to watch the clash of 2-4 titans today between the Eagles and the Vikings.  I got treated to the drudgery that was the Giants-Dolphins slushfest – the only notoriety of which was that it was played in London.  Other than that, it was awful TV.

Continuing to baffle, the Eagles played one of their stronger games of the season today on the road (see above).  They held Adrian Peterson under a buck, moved the ball efficiently, didn’t make stupid penalties, and had play from McNabb more reminiscent of 2005 than this season.  Again, they were hampered from being comfortable by having to settle for FG-attempts inside the 10 yard line on three occasions.

I knew I should have contacted Mello this week for a bet.  Stupid fires – eyes were totally off the prize.

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3 thoughts on “Road Warriors

  1. I wouldn't have have been dumb enough to take you up on that bet. :)
    You know, it figures that McNabb would pick today to step it up. The Vikings' defense looked awful, which really didn't help matters any. It's such a bittersweet thing, being a Vikings fan. Mostly bitter.

  2. DUDE!!! Thanks for the props. Win or lose tomorrow, I am just happy I have overcome the sophomore slump. O yeah and props to you for single-handedly fighting the fire away from your home…or whatever happened.

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