Extreme Makeover: Hometeam and Hometown

After being competitive but fairly convincingly beaten by the Washington Redskins for the first three quarters, the Philadelphia Eagles erupted for 20 4th quarter points, stunning the Redskins (and me) by holding on for a 33-25 win at RFK Stadium – sorry at whatever stadium they play at – I will always think of the Redskins playing at RFK.

Anyway, the Eagles seemed to be following the script that had gotten them to a 3-5 record – play o-kay, but not great.  The Redskins were moving the ball very effectively and seemed in control early in the 4th, leading 22-13.

After exchanging potentially game changing fumbles near midfield with the score 22-20, the game really changed when the Redskins had (I think) 17 plays from inside the Eagles 10 yard line, but ended up having to settle for a FG.  Donovan McNabb, who threw 4 TDs for the first time in a while, dumped off a beautifully executed screen to Brian Westbrook (if he’s not the team MVP, no one is) who scampered ~60 yards for a TD.

Jason Campbell – who played pretty well all day fumbled during the ensuing drive, and Westbrook waltzed through a massive hole in the Skins shocked defense to score again.  Crazy.  I felt almost sad for my Redskins-rooting friends (most notably Grandma-P… :) ) but not really that much.  So there they are at 4-5 with the anemic Dolphins coming to town.  Maybe all the calls for Donovan’s and Andy’s heads were what they needed to remake this team.

Similarly, another remake is going to be shown on TV tonight on Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  Honestly, I’ve never seen the show, but this week they’re going to my hometown of Camden, New Jersey and rebuilding a house for a single-father (of 5 I think) – and get this – the house is about a block and a half from the Ancestral Betz Home.  So, if you wanna see where I grew up, give it a watch.

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14 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Hometeam and Hometown

  1. The Iggles pulled out the win, well deserved and a big surprise to me. BTW, the Redskins play at FedEx, which differs from RFK in that it is in Maryland, not Virginia, despite what people try and tell you

  2. and RFK hosts the Nationals (until this spring) and the DC United. :) soemday, it's going to be an obsolete place . . . DC United's trying for their own stadium, too.did i mention that the Redskins suck? right. ::sadly:: j e t s !

  3. The Redskins? Whodat???
    Uh, I saw the Extreme Home makeover show and saw your neighborhood. Looked kind of rough but it was a good show as usual. Plenty of product placement and all that.

  4. Ugh. My opponent in fantasy football played Westbrook this week. He got 42 fantasy points from one player.I stupidly played Washington defense. I got 5 points from them, while San Diego (my other defense) trounced Indianapolis for 27 fantasy points.Shoot me now.

  5. Grandma-P — I was getting ready to head out and clean out part of the garage, when the goal-line stand happened — and then whoosh! it was over.
    I will relish (get it, relish??) my free lunch! :D

  6. AC — I'd never watched the show before — it really works it to tug at your heartstrings. The thing I think I liked best was that the food bank that they helped is from the church I attended when I grew up there.

  7. I managed to see the ending of it. Plus that show is already in syndication, maybe I'll catch it there. It is an awesome show. I've been watching it for a couple of years. A lot of people think Ty is kind of silly and goofy until they watch this show and see all the good that he does. My Mom for one only knew of him from the Sears commercials and she had formed an opinion of him as a loud, goofy, silly guy. Well that changed after she watched the first episode of the show. She never misses it now and is always calling me afterwards to chat about it. They did the home of a couple here in my hometown that had sextuplets a while back. It was awesome!

  8. i never watch football or extreme home makeover, but i did last night! hehe… only because we were in a hotel room and we just turned on the tv and we were channel surfing. i saw the chargers win… AND i saw the father with the 5 boys. oh, man. i wanted to cry for them. it was AMAZING what they did for that family…

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