QotD: Makes Me Wonder…

Which person from your past, who you've lost touch with, do you wonder about the most? 
Submitted by ancora impara.

I thought this was a very thought-provoking question – pretty fitting because ancora-impara often has posts that make me think.

I’ve gotten old enough and lived in enough places that there have been scores of people that have moved in and out of my life.  In moving so often (college, grad school, post-doc, various jobs), you realize that when you leave a place that many relationships don’t really transfer to the new locale.  I’ve come to accept that.  Still, there are usually a couple of folks that stay with you from each era.

There are a number of ex-girlfriends from the grad-school days that I’d like the opportunity to apologize to (I didn’t always prioritize treating people respectfully, I think) – but I don’t really “wonder” how they are doing – so I don’t think that applies to the question.

The person that I think of most and wonder where life how they’ve ended up, was one of my first teen-age friends, Jim.  We went to the same grade school and became fast friends around 5th grade. We attended the same church, figured out how to drink (often the hard way), and generally spent our teen years pushing authority (both parental and legal) together.  I had recounted one of my favorite stories of us not too long ago.

After high school, we attended different colleges, but still got together when we would come home.  Jim steered towards a more-partying lifestyle about the time I was steering away from one, and we lost most of the commonality between us.  Around our junior year, his family relocated down to Southern New Jersey (which seemed SO FAR away at the time, and now seems absurdly close) and that effectively put the end to our friendship.

Having left the Delaware Valley early in my career, I never went back to any high school reunions, though if I knew he would be at one, I might fly back across the country just to hear his story.  I’d hope he’d want to hear mine.

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3 thoughts on “QotD: Makes Me Wonder…

  1. Hannahbanana is right :) He's probably on Facebook or Orkut or something or the other. Let us know if you find him. I'm so curious about some people from my past too… swapping stories 10, 15 years down the line would be crazy.

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