Counting Blessings

It’s a quiet holiday morning at The Aerie this morning.  We started by having a baked breakfast strada** that the Beloved made with ham, cheese, bread, and eggs.  Yum.

Right now, we’re in that lull between breakfast and all the prep work that we’ll need to do to get the Bird in the oven.  I pulled down some sheet music for “We Gather Together” – I wonder if I can get that under my belt before we start dinner.

To say that I’m thankful this year would be the most ridiculous understatement that I can think of.  The Beloved and I (and Eutaw) are together, we’re happy and healthy.  We successfully sold two properties and were so fortunate to find this home which we love so much.  Our jobs are going well and we have wonderful friends and family.  And I, of course, am blessed with the best vox neighborhood.  Period.  So yes, I’ve been thankful this whole year – in fact, I should have started Tuesday to count my blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


**When I was talking to my brother this morning, I was telling him about our breakfast and he suggested that we add some “CHiPs” to it so that we could call it an Erik Estrada.  Clearly, that will be on the menu for Christmas morn.

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20 thoughts on “Counting Blessings

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, :-) We all have much to be thankful for. Our health and the love and kindness of loved ones. The Klemmer's are assembled here in Tucson. We all took part in preparing our meal- I roasted the turkey.

  2. *bearhug* so happy to be in your neighbourhood ;o)i hope you're having a lovely holiday, steve. i think this is one of the few thanksgiving entries i've seen where someone has bothered to give thanks!

  3. Yummmm, I love strata! We make it with sausage instead of ham, but it's yummy… and "chips" estrata would have to be handsome and yummy on a motorcycle. Hmmm… ok, never mind.

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