QotD: Today’s Musical Horoscope — Drive to Work Edition

What's your musical horoscope?  (Put your player on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up.) 

I know…I know…the whole “musical horoscope” idea has been done before (and before that a few more times) and like most QotD’s I was willing to let it go.  But I thought that this morning I would track what songs came from my iPod as I drove to work and decide what it meant for me today:

God Has Put A Smile Upon Your Face – Coldplay
Yes, He has.  In fact, with Thanksgiving last week, I even posted about it.  I’m assuming that this is a gentle reminder to always be thankful, not just during holidays with turkey and football.  That’s fairly heavy philosophy for rubbing-sleep-from-my-eyes-pulling-out-of-the-garage time.

The Burnt-Over District – Hem
Given last month’s terrible fires here in San Diego County, this seemed a little mean-spirited of the horoscopic muse.  And then I remembered that I have to leave early today to meet some workmen that are going to convert our wood-burning fireplace into a gas-burning one.  Hopefully that does not suggest that our family room will qualify as a burnt-over anything.

Wildflower – Sheryl Crow
Apparently, while I’m home with the fireplace people, I’m supposed to cut the grass.  I wonder how the HOA got that one in there?

405 (acoustic) – Death Cab For Cutie
Hmm… this one’s tougher.  I haven’t been in Orange County or LA for a bit and have no plans on going there anytime soon.  But I DO travel CA-56 every morning on my commute (was on it when this song came on, in fact) and I decided that “fif-ty six” has as many syllables as “four-oh-five” and that I could substitute…
Misguided by the 56 'cause it lead me to an alcoholic summer” – yeah, that still works.

Ohio – Over the Rhine
Also a bit of a mystery, since I haven’t been to Ohio in years, but as I was listening to this moving, almost mournful, song I tried to think of why people in the Buckeye State should be so sad today.  And then I remembered — last night UNC beat Ohio State in Columbus, helping the ACC to comfortably win (7-3) the ACC Big-10 Challenge.  Again.  Go Tar Heels!

Not bad, iPod.  Not bad.

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3 thoughts on “QotD: Today’s Musical Horoscope — Drive to Work Edition

  1. I am NOT a football fan. However, when we lived in Ohio, my husband dragged me to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, and I surprised myself by enjoying it. He also took me to an OSU game in the Horseshoe, and I was completely blown away by the excitement and energy. After that point I could appreciate football, especially Big-10 games. So, just because I discovered football in Ohio, I will mourn – just a little – for OSU's loss.

  2. Dude! How did I not know that UNC beat Ohio State? That's one of the things that I miss about working in the sports dept. at the Express-News. For five years, it was all sports, all the time, 24/7 (okay, well the eight hours I was at work). We had five different sporting events on the various TVs and boy was I Ms. Sports Knowledge. Now? Not so much. Sigh. Which is my long-winded way of saying, Yay, Tar Heels!! :)

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