10 For 10

A couple of neighbors have done this (I can’t bring myself to do that long meme about myself that seems to be going around…) and it had me thinking over the last day about 10 things I might say to 10 different people.  (Each of them should get it.)

1.  I choose you today.
2.  Who’s Vandy?
3.  I miss hearing you call yourself “Moron!”
4.  You were right.  No one has ever loved me like you did.  Thank God.
5.  Hi hi!
6.  Tell me – were you just conflicted or were you lying to my face the whole time?
7.  Loofah?
8.  Boys are stupid.
9.  You’re not getting any stupider you know.
10. Oh that?  That’s just the sound of Baby Jesus crying.

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4 thoughts on “10 For 10

  1. the Vandy one isn't pointed at me but I can tell you who they are. Vanderbilt is one of the top schools in the nation and have a pretty good basketball program. Another school in this vein is Harvard, which is often called the Vanderbilt of the North.

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