One of the very best things about moving into a new house is getting to decorate it for the first time – especially at the end of year, when you get to dress up the house for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Yesterday, was the day that we set aside to take down all the Autumn-oriented decorations, including saying goodbye to our Dia de los Muertos mariachi band for another year which was replaced by The Beloved’s clay-Nativity which she acquired in New Mexico a few years ago and was made by a ~10 year old boy.  It’s gorgeous. We also moved out the Thanksgiving pumpkin-turkey so that we could trim The Aerie in its Christmas finest for the first time.

The main event was the Christmas tree acquisition.  We were a little saddened because the place that I had gotten the tree for Stately Betz Manor last year (a tree farm that has cut-your-own as well as pre-cut trees) had burned badly during this fall’s fires.  Still, we were able to find a great place and picked out a gorgeous noble fir.  The guy at the tree-stand scoffed at the size of our car (small) relative to the size of our tree (ginormous), but well-tied twine and bungee cords kept the tree on top of the car without any problems.

There’s another tree that’s we decorated, which lives out on our back patio and is very dear to me.  Several years ago, when I was really quite alone, I bought a small living Monterrey pine so that I could have my own little tree.  It struggled in a pot on my balcony when I moved to SBM (I had to cut it back hard once to save it), but its found a great home here on our westward facing patio (though it still has a bit of that “Charlie Brown” character).  Having that tree – a memento of a much sadder time for me – here in this home where I am SO happy, means the world to me.  I think its happier too.

(Doesn't he seem happy?)

(Definitely magic in the air)

(Two of our favorite new ornaments get to hang out — a terra cotta rendition of the Mission San Diego, and a cardinal-in-birdhouse which was a gift from a dear friend)

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19 thoughts on “Bedecked!

  1. Applause on the bedecking!
    Your ginormous tree is a beauty and I love your lil' Charlie Brown tree too. I've always had a special place in my heart for this kind of tree. And I glad to know that the present is such a happy time for you – may it always be! :)

  2. Love it all, especially your "Charlie Brown" tree! =) He *does* look happy.
    Nothing like Christmas to make you feel like you really are at home in your new home, yes? =)

  3. Nice job! I love those cut-your-own-tree farms too. The first year my husband and I did this I forgot to mention the small detail that he would actually have to take an axe to a tree, so he scoffed a bit at laying in the dirt in his leather jacket, but it was an awesome tree. Great decor…perfectly festive! :)

  4. The large indoor tree is beautiful but my favorite one is the little outdoor Charlie Brown tree. Even though he looks scrawny and small you can just see the pride in the little guy knowing he is loved cared for and adorned. How sweet. I hope he is with you for many, many years to come. Pretty ornaments. ;o)

  5. Awwww, what a great post! I love it. Christmas-tree decorating makes me look back at past years, too. The years when I didn't have a Christmas tree at all were my hardest years. I'm really happy to decorate a tree with my honey now, it really puts me in the spirit. We've been collecting ornaments, just a couple a year, each with some kind of special memory.

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