Big D

As the Eagles’ national prominence has declined with this sub-par season, I’ve noticed their increasing absence from “national” slots in the broadcast schedule (1).  This week was no exception – the Chargers were the only game on in the late set of games.  It wasn’t a very thrilling game to watch (the Bolts annihilated the rapidly fading Lions), but after a few weeks of very busy Sundays, it was great just to lay on the couch and watch some football.  That, and catch up with the Eagles game on

In a shocker in Dallas, the Eagles got a little revenge on the already-division-winners, winning a tight game 10-6 in an excellent defensive effort.  Tony Romo had probably his worst game of the season (in front of his folks and new gal Jessica Simpson) – completing barely a third of his passes and throwing three interceptions, including a back-breaker to Brian Dawkins with just over two minutes left.  Lito Sheppard also gets kudos for holding Terrell Owens to two catches.

Beleaguered Eagles QB Donovan McNabb wouldn’t have been confused for his previous pro-bowl self, but he scrambled and ran more effectively than at any point this season.  His TD pass to Reggie Brown at the end of the first half proved to be the difference in the game.  Interestingly, they were poised to score right at the end of the 2nd half as well, but Brian Westbrook who had a clear path to the endzone voluntarily went down at the 1-yd line, which allowed the Eagles to run out the clock rather than allow the Cowboys to have another chance (even with a larger lead)  And given the way the Eagles have squandered late game leads this season (see: Packers, Bears), I applaud his heads-up play– though I can imagine some fantasy football players weren’t so thrilled.

It seemed as if the Boys weren’t playing with the intensity and focus that had gotten them to 12-2.  After barely escaping their game with Detroit with a win, I would have thought they’d want to get things more on track.  Also, with two road games left, I’m not sure that they can feel quite so sure of HFA in the playoffs, as the Pack are also 12-2 (though Dallas holds the tie-breaker).

Technically, I think the Birdz are still alive for the playoffs, but lets not go there.  Lets enjoy a good win against a quality team on the road.  Now if they hadn’t squandered those earlier games and were 8-6 rather than 6-8…. such is life.

(1) Estonianzulu had a great post about the vagaries of NFL broadcast policies just this past week.

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9 thoughts on “Big D

  1. Excellent effort by the Eagles shutting down the Cowboys high powered offense, gotta hand it to them. Also a very heads up play by Westbrook to help run out the clock. Looks like Dallas will need to ratchet up their intensity for Carolina on Thursday.

  2. I'm hanging my head in shame….I had the game on for bits & pieces and had looked at the score….but I made the assumption that Dallas had 10 and Philly had 6. Steve, I must apologize for making such an assumption against your team. :)
    As for Romo, maybe his empty-headed playing is something that can be dubbed "The Jessica Effect."

  3. First off, thanks for the plug. Secondly: I caught the end of this game, well played by the Eagles defense. It seems they have their biggest games against their best opponents. Great job sticking it to TO and his big mouth in the Big D.

  4. AHHHHHH! I JUST NOW finished watching this game! I could only watch the first half as I had family bday party to go to Sunday night so I avoided the news and Vox all day so I wouldn't see the score. I have to admit that I just assumed that the Cowboys won. Boy was I wrong! I'm really impressed with the Eagles (although I really don't care for McNabb – is it wrong that I like Feeley better?) I'm so disappointed in my 'boys…what a bummer! Very good game though – love it when it's unpredictable!

  5. Hah — I think there was a lot of that assumption going around! (Yes, that's you, Mello) :)
    I like McNabb — he's been a very good QB for the team, though he is not as mentally tough as I think a QB needs to be to be a truly great player. His injury this year seemed to make him both physically and mentally tentative. He really should have sat out most of this season to heal properly. Feeley moved the ball more effectively, but those INTs were killers.

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