Playing For Something?

In this most confusing of recent Eagles seasons, no game encapsulates the “what might have been” better than today’s 38-23 thumping of the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome.

Going into the game, the Saints were still seeking that elusive last playoff spot in the NFC, the Eagles were not.  Easy formula – the team that’s playing for something wins, right?

Well, maybe these Eagles are playing for something.  Donovan McNabb’s road-to-recovery continued, with his best game since the demolition of the Lions early in the season.  He ran, he scrambled, and he threw his passes with accuracy.  The Eagles came back from an early 14-7 hole, scoring three TDs on their first three drives (I’d be hard pressed to come up with the last time that happened).

The game turned in the third quarter when down 7 points, the Saints had a long drive that stalled near the goal-line.  Saints coach Sean Payton decided to go for it on 4th down – rather than take the chip-shot FG.  The run was stuffed, and the Eagles went on a mammoth 98-yd drive that ended in a TD and a 14-point lead.

You have the sense that this team is playing both for McNabb and Andy Reid — both of whom were on the proverbial hot seat mid-season.  Great effort from a team that didn’t play with either focus or passion earlier in the year – too bad they found it too late.

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8 thoughts on “Playing For Something?

  1. Is anyone sick of the annual "The Eagles sure pulled things together,
    Maybe next year…" speech. I mean, I am just as happy as the next man
    that they won. I have become a closet Eagles fan because of you, just
    like I have been rooting all season for the Browns because of Johnny
    Quest and E Z, but I sure am sick of getting crushed first 10 games of
    the season. How about you?

  2. Missed this game – thanks for the recap. Missed the Titans but heard that they beat the Jets. I watched the Redskins trounce the Vikings – very cool game. Made me think of Mello and Grandma-P! But next week I'm soooo excited. Two great games on Sunday – Titans vs Colts (my fave team) and Redskins vs Cowboys (my 2nd fave team) And my dad will be in town from Morocco so the best part is I get to enjoy them with him. It's almost like a Christmas gift after Christmas! (big smile!) You just gotta love football season!

  3. TRW — well, only one team each season doesn't have some "maybe next year" after they've played their final game.
    Really — this is only last season and this one. Before that it was the run of division titles and NFC Championship game appearances. There was definitely no "glad we got our act together" then — it was typically more of a "what the hell happened?!??!?"
    I do lay their missing the playoffs at Reid's feet. McNabb was brough back too early and the team played without focus and discipline. Sometimes I imagine what their record would have been if they'd had half a season of Garcia and a healthy McNabb for a playoff run — my guess 11-5.
    And the crazy thing was, I think I'm more upset about the Browns!

  4. If the Eagles can go into next season the same way they are going out of this season they'll be in great shape. McNabb and Reid will be back as well as all of the key players. I too get sick of saying wait till next year, but this time I mean it. Again.

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