2007 Favorites — Photos

I know a lot of people are doing this, but Steve pointed out that reviewing your photos is a great way to relive and re-appreciate so many of the special things that happened this past year.

I couldn't choose just one:

I caught this little fella in a pond in New Hampshire in June.  I just loved the detail.


Eutaw running to retrieve in the ocean for the first time in three years at sunset at dog beach in Del Mar – March.

This guy was waiting for his owner to come back from surfing at Torrey Pines — Labor Day weekend.

This was just a funny juxtaposition of lines — Santa Barbara, July (I think).

I don't take many "people" shots, but this little cousin was a little bored at a wedding in Minnesota — Memorial Day weekend.

This arc of gypsum, water and sky at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, February. (The two little dots center right are people.)

The view from our balcony at The Aerie on the first weekend we moved in.  April.

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9 thoughts on “2007 Favorites — Photos

  1. Hey Maya — we went to New Hampshire in June to visit friends, go to a scientific meeting and have a brief getaway. The first part was fun, but I ended up getting really sick. Instead of sight-seeing, we hunkered down in an inn in Vermont, which was actually a great place to recuperate.
    I haven't spent a lot of time in New England — I'm looking forward to getting back sometime when I'm healthy!

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