2007 Favorites — Television

TV Favorite is so easy this year, it wasn’t even a contest.

After a choppy second season, LOST was consistently the best-written, best-acted, and thought-provoking show on television.  And the season finale for Season 3 goes into the books as one of the best episodes of any show that I’ve seen.  I’m almost afraid to hope for that kind of quality in S4 – truncation b/c of the strike is going to cause all sorts of problems.

Other possible contenders had some great high points, but couldn’t match up:

Heroes stumbled at the finish line after a fantastic season ("Company Man" is the high-water mark for this show and still just a great great episode) with a very meh finale – and a lackluster feeling that carried along into this season, with perhaps the exception of last couple of episodes.  Oh, and how much do I now hate Mohinder.

Grey’s Anatomy was right there with LOST for most of the 2006-07 season.  Until the LOST finale, I thought that GA nailed the dismount for a season about as well as anyone could – heart wrenching, thoughtful and Shonda showed courage in turning the show on its ear.  This season though, with the departure of Addison for Private Practice, the introduction of new characters and most importantly the disastrous George-Izzie matchup, GA has been good but certainly not great.

Veronica Mars ended not with a bang, but with a whimper.  The show languished in CW purgatory before the network finally killed it after three seasons.  Season 3 had two mini-arcs and if the phenomenal conclusion to the first arc "Spit and Eggs" had been broadcast in 2007 (it was late 2006), I might have put Miss Mars up there with LOST.  The second arc was also good, but moved in fits and starts.  The ending, where Veronica's hubris likely torpedoes her dad's vindication was extremely well done.

The Sopranos had a good finish after a mostly-weak final season.  I will give show creator David Chase HUGE kudos for not bowing to pressure for a "clean" ending and for sending the show out with one of the greatest cliff-hangers/head-scratchers in history.

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7 thoughts on “2007 Favorites — Television

  1. We are so much alike. :) (And "Company Man" remains my favorite episode of Heroes, I think.)I am very much hoping that the rumors are true — that if the strike takes too long to conclude and the rest of this season is lost (heh), that ABC will start LOST back in September and have Season 5 run 24 episodes. That will be infinitely better than having to wait a YEAR….

  2. I should have gone back to watching Lost, it sounds like. I just loved it in the first two seasons……the strike really put a dent in things. We've been more into renting DVDs anyway, and the cooking channel. Just lock us in a cave and call us hermits.
    I won't ask why Kate and the hot Iraqi guy are together. (I know, I know, he's from India. I hope in real life he doesn't share her DWI propensities)

  3. LOVE LOST!i'm hoping that heroes is better in its 3rd season like LOST was… man… mohinder… *shakes head* i really liked him last season! but this season, i hate him, too. hehe. *sniffle* he's still hot. :P

  4. LOL. He is still really hot. I also heard that good old Sendhil Ramamurthy in real life also got himself into some naughtiness. So sad, but we can still drool, right?

  5. I don't watch much network television (mainly as a means to keep myself from being glued to the TV 24/7), and haven't seen any of these shows, save for one episode of Grey's Anatomy. I'm somewhat interested in "Heroes," but keep procrastinating watching it. Maybe I should start. ;)

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