2007 Philadelphia Eagles — The Best of the Worst

That’s right.  I’m stating it here.  The Philadelphia Eagles are the last place team that no one wants to play.  Compared to their other last place brethren (below are the records and season point differential), the Birdz are a juggernaut.

Philadelphia Eagles   8 8   36
Houston Texans        8 8   -5
Chicago Bears          7 9   -14
Baltimore Ravens      5 11  -109
Kansas City Chiefs   4 12  -109 
Atlanta Falcons        4 12  -155
St. Louis Rams        3 13  -175
Miami Dolphins        1 15  -170

Sometimes it looks so easy when the stakes are low, doesn’t it?  Ah well, this will be a year remembered for what coulda been, rather than what was.  Some points:

Andy Reid: With the disaster that his sons’ lives were in the summer, it’s clear that Big Red’s focus wasn’t on the field (I’m not sure it could be expected to be).  Regardless, this showed in poor play early and in mind-boggling play calling, relying on a still-hurting McNabb rather than a healthy and spectacular Brian Westbrook.

McNabb:  When other starters rested in the second half of today’s 19-7 win over the also-searching-for-.500 Buffalo Bills, recovering QB Donovan McNabb stayed in, throwing for 345 yards.  He moved effectively in the pocket and for the third straight game showed a confidence that was not there in the early part of the season.  I’d call these games a great job interview – now the question is whether its to retain his current job or make himself appealing to another team.  My vote: keep him.  The PTB for the Eagles should have had the cajones to keep him out until he was healthy and retain Jeff Garcia until he was.  These guys would be playoff bound if they did that.  And I don’t blame Donovan for that decision.  In the end, he’s a good QB, but lacks the mental toughness to be a truly great QB, but good-not-great QBs win Super Bowls all the time if the team is good enough.

Westbrook: Here’s what the guy can do when he has a completely healthy season.  Eagles team records in number of receptions and total yards from scrimmage (2104).  Bravo Brian, go to Hawaii, have a mai-tai.  You’ve earned it.

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4 thoughts on “2007 Philadelphia Eagles — The Best of the Worst

  1. Yeah, I don't think there would be any argument to that. They were in a division where the other 3 teams went to the playoffs. They scored more points than allowed and won their last 3. How Reid was able to pay attention to anything other than family matters is beyond me. I think you could do a whole lot worse than McNabb as your QB.

  2. Makes you wonder what they might've done if they had sneaked into the playoffs, given some pretty impressive games vs Patriots and Cowboys there at the end.

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